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First, A message from Dominatrix Annabelle!

A journey into the unknown?! Indeed it is for many of my gentleman friends, who I've been
incredibly fortunate to have met over the years. They are genuine FemDomme enthusiasts, gentlemen
who sincerely appreciate my style of BDSM and Fetish. For me, the most essential and important measure
of what I provide comes from having an understanding of why we wish to enjoy the enormous spectrum
of the esoteric Arts of BDSM and Fetish. It is the journey we wish to pursue and to ensure it never ends!

The main thrust of why I have taken the time to learn how to create a membership website, is to
provide a home from home, a place for those who truly appreciate serving a Dominatrix, Goddess,
and Lady of the Manor, having a deep desire to engage with me personally. It is NOT by any stretch
of the imagination to churn out movies as though they're produced on a conveyer belt, in order for
me to cash in on every membership. In fact, running a membership site is hugely expensive!

I cannot express enough just how costly it is, especially when genuine producers continue to battle
against the vast swamp of unscrupulous pirate / rip sites that continue to plague our industry.

As I've often expressed, it's soul destroying to find my content shared with these sites, in order for the
free loaders to unload! And, I can say hand on heart, these freeloaders do not care about the detail,
the why or where, or how it got there, they just want it for instant gratification, and nothing else. Once
they've unloaded, they move on and find another. In other words, it's short lived. There's no depth
to their imagination, they're shallow, empty shells, critters that feed on bread crumbs while leaving
a slimy slithery trail. They would never dream to visit for real, there's no desire or propensity to
achieve such a fulfilling purpose in their lives. They are the ones I have no time for, whatsoever!

* * * * * * * *

I know I have many genuine members, I know because I've received an overwhelming response
of letters expressing their appreciation for my membership website, always urging me to keep
up the great work! I've received wonderful compliments not just for my movies, but for my
huge Fetish wardrobe! Well, for me, it is one of my greatest pleasures, to enjoy slipping into
sexy lingerie, stunning leather outfits, exquisite leather boots, jodhpurs, leather gloves, latex
and my goodness, yes my wardrobe is extensive, and I'm thoroughly delighted to say!

For this reason, I have great pleasure in sharing with you letters I've received of tremendous
encouragement, thoughts and reflections from many who continue to be a member of my site, and
from those who continue to return for their regular sessions, so they may continually revive their
deep desire for experiencing FemDomme BDSM and Fetish. It is my greatest pleasure to help my
genuine gentleman friends to enjoy their journey, a journey into a myriad of pleasurable Arts!

Thank you.

If you wish to add your thoughts, please write to me and let me know.


* * * * * * * *


By jonfetishboy, January 2019

Good afternoon Mistress Annabelle,

I wanted to pass on my thanks and compliments for producing a real FemDomme
and Fetish website. Your work ethics, enthusiasm, conduct towards your submissive's
is something to behold. I can only dream of serving you in person, unfortunately
my work overseas prevents any opportunity of living the dream. All thanks to Your
quality site, I'm able to watch and follow you from afar. I cannot thank you enough.

Please continue to keep up the tremendous work you're doing for us, I love
following you almost every day, whenever I'm available, free from my own work.
You are truly a breath of fresh air, and I love you. Now I'm sounding weird. You
must get hundreds of fan letters, count me as one, I want to serve you in any way I
can. As you've stated, if this is the best way, other than seeing you in person, then You
have me as a lifetime member. It's my escape and what a wonderful escape it is, thank You.



By wra987 July 20th, 2018

Good evening Lady Annabelle,

Thank you very much for the session today. It was a lovely 60th birthday present for me.
May I say first that your outfit was stunning. The leather boots, hot pants and top were a
perfect fit - gorgeous. It was lovely to session outside even though the rain tried to spoil it.

I loved being hoisted up and the teasing in that position with the vibrator and being
encouraged to suck your cock was almost too much, I had to concentrate hard so I didn't
cum for you too early. Whilst it was a very long journey home of just over 5 hours of driving,
I had so many enjoyable moments to think about, it kept me smiling until I arrived home.

Keep up the good work with your site. I always look forward to seeing photos and videos
of my beautiful Mistress. Thank you again for the session today and I look forward to
serving you again very soon. Your humble and devoted slave. N



By david.h on July 15th, 2018

Good evening Lady Annabelle,
The time is nearing for me to start my pilgrimage south to serve and worship You as it pleases
You, the earthly and modern manifestation of Athena, Goddess of war, wisdom and courage.

How wonderful it was to watch your latest movie, relaxing and worshipping the sun as it carressed
Your divine body, kissing those delicious curves, bathing Your heavenly symmetry with its
generous warmth. Being worshiped, all in the glorious depths of the Garden of England, oh what
secrets it could tell if it could only speak! Until my time to serve You has arrived, please continue
to revel, immerse and enjoy Yourself in this glorious English summer we're blessed with.

Your loyal and devoted slave.


It was great to see You and serve You in a most amazing scenario. Never thought i would be
stripped naked and suspended from a tree in the heart of the Garden of England and be made
to feel so utterly vulnerable. All out in Your wonderful grounds made over to hedonism and
debauchery and every imaginable perversion designed to please You and affirm Your power.
I so look forward to the movie of the marathon session, I wasn't sure i was going to make it.

How proud and excited i was to be permitted to escort you to the Marquis, a little gem near
by. I hope you become a regular there with Your gentlemen. You will be to the staff and other
patrons this mysterious, cultured, well spoken Lady, powerful and beautiful. Minds will
be racing with curiosity. Thank you. Your loyal and devoted slave david.

By patetic p. June 27, 2018

Dear Lady Annabelle,

Hope you are keeping well and enjoying this wonderful weather.

just a quick email to say I have just looked at your at your members site. Wow what a great
deal of time and effort it must have taken, but I can assure you that it is so worth the effort.. I hope that
all the photos on your preview will encourage many more new members to join what a treat they will have.

How I envied hobson being able to loose himself in your wonderful breasts, I hope he appreciates how
lucky he is. I know I would endure any hardship to have such a treat even being shackled to a tree and
feeling your whip across my back. Once again thank you so much for all the "pleasure" your site gives
me when I am unable to session with you, it almost makes me feel I am there serving you.

Hoping to beg for a session in the not too distant future.

I am, your adoring and faithful slave p.


By james h, May 23rd, 2018

i first became involved in the BDSM scene some 15 years ago, yes in 2003 - some 6 years later,
having visited, probably far too many Mistresses, i decided to retire from the scene - quite frankly,
i was bored - there was always something missing. However, in the summer of 2010, i decided to
make one last attempt to find that missing element - my search on the internet brought me to
Mistress Annabelle and my life changed.

The relationship between slave and Mistress is based on trust and mutual respect - from the very
first time i met Mistress Annabelle, i knew i had found that special quality that was lacking in my
previous experiences - in 2010, my Mistress did not have a Members Site and Bourbon on Ice was
yet to be launched - it's been a wonderful privilege to have been involved in Her success story.

Over these 8 years, i've been lucky to have experienced over 100 sessions with Mistress Annabelle
- been filmed many times and, you may have guessed, i'm the randy vicar!!! What's special about
these sessions?? Every one is different!! i've given up trying to guess beforehand, what the Lady
has in mind. The Members Site is pure Rolls Royce, Lady Annabelle does all the filming,
editing and uploading on Her own. There is no team behind Her as i well know.

At times as i watch myself and others on film, i marvel at the way Her site has
evolved, yes whether a session is filmed or not, the enjoyment we both get is palpable.

The detail of both the pain and pleasure that the vicar gets from a session with the Lady is
there in glorious technicolour, so no need to elaborate. The vicar is getting on in years, but
his relationship with Lady Annabelle has given him a new lease of life. praise indeed!!

My message to those who haven't plucked up the courage to book a session with Mistress
Annabelle - do it!! - it will exceed your wildest dreams. For those, for whom geography
denies them the opportunity to visit Her, the website is a wonderful substitute.

james - the randy vicar who can't believe his luck!!!



By leatherboots April 27, 2018

Good afternoon my dearest Lady Annabelle

I know that You are crazily busy, but i just wanted to write and say how mindblowing i found
Your latest movie update! As soon as i saw the photo-montage teaser on Twitter i thought i
would enjoy this movie, as the stills gave a real insight into what to expect; i absolutely adored
Your outrageously flashing eyes and the super sadistic look on Your face as Your flogger
was about to connect. It made me crave with all my heart to be on the receiving end of Your
strike. i think i would well and truly cross the masochistic threshold!

Looking at the montage, i initially wondered if You were using a single tail whip as the marks
on your slave's stomach looked really angry red, so i was quite surprised to see that it was
"only" a flogger!! As always, the audio introduction packed a big punch and really set the
juices flowing for the delights to come. The way You say "fucked" in Your cultured English
tones is one of the most erotic things on the planet, in my humble opinion! Hearing You
say "How should you stand soldier?", i found myself involuntarily pulling my stomach in
and straightening my back!

I particularly loved the way You edited it so that it packed a lot into what was a relatively
short movie; it's quite noticeable that this is a skill You have really mastered, or should it
be Mistressed?! Your cutting, overlaying and editing both visual and audio i think really
adds an extra dimension to Your more recent movies. i find it really builds anticipation and
excitement the way You construct an introduction which sets the scene, and gives little
teasing glimpses of what is to come, before we observe the main feature!

The sound of Your voice, the thwack of the flogger and Your slave's cries overlaying the
first few seconds leaves absolutely no doubt that his is an intense, sadistic movie. The fact
that we can only hear this and not see it somehow seems to heighten the excitement, a
bit like the best horror films which always leave something to the imagination!

We'll have to start calling you Lady Hitchcock!!!

The shot where You blow the match i loved too as it showcased one of Your unique
features, namely the ability to switch Your facial expression in the blink of an eye;
Your face exhibits a disarming, friendly smile, then changes in an instant to still a smile,
but a smile with a distinct hint of menace! Quite delicious and it sends a shiver down one's
spine in a really good way! No doubt it mirrors what is going on in that deliciously
debauched mind of Yours! You then set the viewer up as a voyeur ot the whole scene by
talking to them directly, which has the effect of actually placing us right inside Your dungeon,
with the practice swings of Your flogger very much ensuring that You have our full attention!

It was lovely to then see a bit of worship of Your gorgeous FB boots, as a total boot freak my
only thought was wishing i could see more boot worship, but then You know me! There were
so many aspects of the movie that i enjoyed that it really hit my spot!

i love the way You thrust Your leather gloved fingers into his mouth, it encompasses so many
things at once; it's enjoyable because of the taste of the leather, it's sexual because of the in
and out thrusting and yet also humiliating because the slave has absolutely no control and
there is a slight caughing element too as You thrust deeply. Interspersed with the face-
slapping and spitting it made for a wonderfully humiliating opening.

The flogging was really involving and intense and i couldn't tear my eyes away from Your
face; a lot of the time You were smiling with enjoyment, interspersed with those flashing
eyed looks which i can only describe as pure, unadulterated sadism! i think i first noticed
it when you were flogging george, after his lamentable attempt to wash Your jeep, and
i've been fascinated and captivated in equal measure ever since!! To see you delivering
full force swings of Your flogger was just an amazing turn on! Despite the pain Your slave
seemed to be enjoying it too! To then torment him with the nipple clamps whilst fucking
his mouth with Your strap-on was just the piece de resistance! No-one has a hip action
like You Lady Annabelle and the sting in the tail when You sharply pulled off the
nipple clamps made for a fantastic, startling ending. i can imagine that Your slave needed
quite a bit of recovery time to regain any sense of composure! As for your verbals, well
surfice to say that You are on fire! To listen to them alone would have been erotic in the extreme!

You seemed to be supercharged with an almost savage eroticism which was just so exciting and
i was left with an overwhelming feeling of wanting to really, really suffer for You and push my
pain threshold to the max. When i'm not able to see you for months at a time, Your membership
site keeps me going, until i'm able to return where i know i belong, thank You. Your devoted
leather boot slave.


By jerry s on December 10, 2017

Good morning Lady Annabelle,

I have been following your Advent Calendar with great interest, and I must congratulate you on
having created a terrific masterpiece. You have clearly worked extremely hard. I love listening to
your voice via the audio link, which with your articulate and expressive voice, adds a great
atmosphere and ambience to the whole experience. Thank you very much with having made
the site mobile friendly, that does make things easier for me to follow along, even though i can
rotate the phone screen and magnify the screen, so as to be able to read the words more easily.

I can't wait to open up tomorrow's Advent Calendar, as I wonder what other treats you have.
My cock is so hard for you, I want to be your slut, serve and worship every inch of your body.



By gringo.feliz on May 21, 2016

Always precious, impeccably attired with such polished oral messages Lady Annabelle always
conveys unsurpassable blissful pleasure with a permanent desire for her never-ending presence.
With the Lady of the Manor with me, my phallus is always at attention, begging for caressing motion
to activate the testis to start production, and to move the life-giving thick cream on its way through
the vas deferens with exciting, unstoppable sensation on to the ejaculatory ducts where it is joined
by the prostate's semen for added volume, on in the urethra, building pressure as it proceeds to
finally reach the urethral meatus where it spurts out, aimed by shiny black leather gloves to
Lady Annabelle's stiletto boots, bodice, or wherever the Dominatrix Goddess chooses.


By darkalex on Dec 08, 2015

Dominatrix Annabelle absolutely stunning. Her attention to detail in her outfits is quite frankly
unequaled in my humble opinion especially when it comes to her office and school teacher outfits
which perfectly accentuate her milky breasts, gorgeous hips and mouthwatering ass and legs. Lady
Annabelle is a lifestyle dominatrix. No acting here, gentlemen. It is quite obvious that this is her
passion, and that sadistically whipping your ass or making you worship her legs, feet, truly gets her
juices flowing. I have subscribed to Dominatrix Annabelle website, and I can easily say that Lady
Annabelle is the creme de la creme. Yes there are some sites with more content, but there is just
something about Lady Annabelle, the quintessential English Goddess, and lady of the Manor. Sign
up now and get ready to have you cock rip through you pants before you even get them off.
She is simply sublime.


By jamel.rajah.james on May 08, 2015

Dominatrix Annabelle,makes her subjects so alive and well.she respects each of them.
Interview before session. She wants them sexually in discipline And enjoy themself well and fully
satisfied. She makes sure they been taken care of physically and healthy. the best Dominatrix and most
beautiful English Lady of manor. great motivatar and positive slave driver.she feels my emotional life,
great comfort her presence felt in my daily life in all situations.She honours and treasures English language
and beautiful expression. She does her work sexually professional and high regards on all her subjects
with much respect in BDSM. Able successfully tap on our five senses and by using gadgets and fetish and much
of British fashion, tell the world that we are sexually professional international. Lady Annabelle is perfect
example of tradional and comfortable Dominatrix.She open her mails to wish to be with, without any reservation.
Her eyes always sensitive to everything around her.Nature is surrounded her. She loves being herself and
always gives her excellent moves in everything and all things she love and admire. I will always cherish and
appreciate her in person and in my wildest dreams. She always look and smell good.excellent and
in perfect English. my very best to you the Lady of Manor Annebelle Tamin.I will always love you. AMEN.


By denialM on Jan 18, 2013

I have joined many sites over the years including all the review top ratings. This one is for me the best
of all. Lady Annabelle is simply adorable. If you like genuine Femme Fatale, tease, torment, denial,
developing into full femdom, you will love this. Each section starts and develops a new story. That's a
lovely touch and makes a change from contrived sessions. And she has a fantastic sense of fun.
Unique and wonderful. Anyone who joins this site is going to enjoy an absolute treat. All the videos
are technically superbly filmed and produced. What an absolute treat!


By pervertedPete on Feb 05, 2012

For me this is one of the best femdom sites I have found in my years of looking, and I have been a
member of quite a few in my time. Mistress Annabelle is able to draw you in unlike any other mistress.
She is not just about Pain and Abusing men. But prefers to tease them and bring them to a state where
they will do anything for her. She Does everything with a smile that is so very rare these days, from
biting balls to caning naughty slaves. Every stroke delivered with a true smile of enjoyment.

Her site is a cut above the rest, Visually it is stunning and as far as I am aware the site is designed
and maintained by the Mistress herself. So no big generic studios behind this one.

I have been a member for a couple of months now and every update reminds me why I have not
cancelled my subscription. All her videos are full length, all 'episodes' are split into parts for easy
download as some are 45mins long and these would be too big to download in one go in full HD.
There is also one full movie episode updated every week without fail.

Dominatrix Annabelle, I'm thrilled to say, is absolutely brilliant. I was spellbound watching
her accountant worship her large, beautiful breasts and she also dominates a female sub with the
creamiest skin I've ever seen. This niche is all about the senses and no one knows that better than her.
DominatrixAnnabelle has long hair, a blinding smile, a sexy British accent and a remarkable body. Every
Mistress has her own style and hers seems to be focused on the tease - and she's really good at it.
This doesn't mean she can't dole out her own brand of pain, however. She recently made changes to the
design of the site. You'll find a "members exclusive" section which includes erotic audio stories that come
with high-res galleries. The "photo stories" section has been renamed "movie images" where you'll find crisp
and clear photos of Annabelle and her slaves. As a treat, this past December Annabelle added an advent
calendar, where members opened up a new photo each day until Christmas. These pictures are still
up for viewing and she'll be doing it again this coming December.

Dominatrix Annabelle is very good at what she does. I would be more than willing to lick
her boots, cover her fantastic body in oil or let her spit chocolate and fruit all over my face.







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