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Sessions may be conducted with the formal rituals of a collaring,
while inside the foreboding walls of a candlelit lair, with all it's paraphernalia!

However, if my heavily equipped dungeons are not for you, have you ever
considered having a rather subtle session in public? Mmm . . . let me whet your
appetite further, and if this appeals to you, read on, and then write to me at:


The image to the left was taken after a wonderful session with my discerning
gentleman, followed by a stroll around one of my favourite public gardens.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My discerning gentleman wears a traditional tailored cashmere suit in
charcoal. Single breasted with three button fastening, fully lined.
Burgundy silk tie, 18 carat gold cuff links, shoes polished. Every little
detail fastidiously thought through, right down to your aftershave!

The old cobble streets and boutiques of London boast wealth,
surrounded by aromatic coffee bars and plush restaurants.

Imagine waiting for that moment in time!

Stiletto heels sounding staccato on marble floors.
My hypnotic scent, seductive English voice, crimson lips!

I greet you with a suggestive whisper in your ear.
My warm breath caresses your neck , creating a tingling sensation
through your body, you respond with a gentle kiss on the back
of my leather gloved hand, and with a smile we walk to our table.

Naturally, you offer a seat, we sit and exchange pleasantries.
Oh how one's eyes are drawn to my exquisite outfit, silk
blouse, deep cleavage! WOW! Glossy crimson nails,
ruby red lipstick, Coco-Mademoiselle perfume.

One cannot help, but gaze at my heavenly attire, figure
hugging jacket and tight fitting pencil skirt, fully fashioned
nylon seamed stockings, 6 inch Louboutin's! Oh those heavenly
nylon laced legs with Cuban heels! How you wish to worship them!

The gentle and slow tease as you take in every inch of my body.
Of course, I cannot help but tease you further while taking
a sip from a crystal glass. The power I have over you, knowing
there is far more to cum, while keeping you guessing, ensuring
you remain on your toes, ready to serve, eager to please!

I drop my serviette deliberately on the floor, it rests by
my stiletto heels. My smoky eyes give a knowing look.
Instinctively you kneel on the floor, kiss my feet and pick
up the serviette, placing it on my lap. Oh the look on your face
as you give an appreciative smile. A humble whisper rolls off
your tongue appreciative of serving me in any way you can.
While we talk I stroke and tease your thighs with my crimson
polished fingernails. Teasing your ankles with my stocking feet.


The food is placed on the table, you wait for me to begin.

One's limp phallus becomes erect as you drool over my luscious lips!
As I open my mouth, my eyes narrow, indulging my first delicious bite!
"Oh that is good, mmm . . . . !" The entire meal centre's around a most
highly arousing, incredibly stimulating, decadent tease.

From the way I am dressed, to the food on my plate, to the way I
devour a mouth-watering meal, with a glass of velvet cabernet sauvignon!

Imagine how I will seduce you with my hypnotic English voice!
My alluring scent. My exquisite attire. Combine all your senses and it
will send you into a heavenly abyss of mental foreplay, before venturing
into the realms of kinky BDSM within the privacy of a splendid hotel!

If escorting a Lady to dinner appeals to your desires while indulging in
mind stimulation, being teased with evocative encouragement in a
restaurant, then write to me! Submit to your Goddess during a decadent
meal. Experience some kinky fun with blindfolds, gags and other wicked
and debauched perversions. Worship my succulent breasts, feel my
glossy red fingernails sinking into your swollen balls while your hands
and ankles are strapped to the bed. Worship my stiletto heels, my
seam stocking feet, all in the comfort of a lavish room!

If my example of being a true gentleman in public, with subtle yet
effective foreplay, in a divine restaurant sounds enticing to you,

write to me at:


The above is simply an example of what can be achieved while in public,
in my presence, and you may like to include accompany me to a Boutique!

Visit Coco de Mer and purchase stunning lingerie, or a robust leather paddle,
for me to use on your peachy buttocks! Or, perhaps you would like to take
a stroll in the beautiful gardens of Green Park, while taking photos of me
posing in my stunning leather outfit, as seen far left of this page!

Start your journey with me now!

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Meet Dominatrix Annabelle

The pages below are provided to give you as much information as possible,
giving you an idea of what you may experience in session with me. Please ensure
you take your time and read through each page, as well as listen to some of the
audio's provided, as there may be something that really appeals to you!



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