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Do you love figure hugging exquisite leather or striking latex?

How would you like to see me adorned in the most stunning glossy latex?
While I use you and abuse you in my dungeon! By your desire and wish, I will be the
ultimate English Goddess / Temptress! I will seduce you with my elegance, charm
and sophistication. Sink into the heavenly abyss of my pure decadent wickedness!
Breathe in my hypnotic fragrance. Feel my soft, silky Lingerie beneath my dress!

My latex and leather collection is breath-taking, and the beauty of my outfits is
having the ability to switch a latex top for an open button blouse to go with my
leather or latex pencil skirt, as seen here in the image to the left on this page!

Bewitching. Alluring. Devilishly HOT. Wickedly Enticing!

Bathe in my essence, beauty and charisma as I grace the room in my exquisite
outfits! There is nothing quite like the feel of glossy rubber or the soft leather
clinging to my figure, squeezing my waist to a tiny 22 inches. Heaven.

My gorgeous genuine Leather Outfits are as follows:

Ankle black leather hobble skirt with lace back detail.

Knee length pencil skirts in black, brown, beige, red, and white.

Mini leather skirts in black, white, red, beige and brown.

Leather Corsets, Cinchers, and underbusts in red, black, beige and brown.

Black leather basques and tops.

Leather jackets in red, brown, beige, white and black.

Full length leather coats in red, black, camel, white.

Dresses in black, camel, brown.

Leather gloves in many colours, styles and lengths.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My Latex Outfits are as follows:

Black Latex Full Catsuit.
One with front zip, and the other with back zip.

Red Fire Cracker Dress.

Flame Red Catsuit.

Black Latex Pencil Skirt.

Pink Latex Pencil Skirt.

Pink Latex Dress.

Pink Latex Top with Black Collar.

Black Latex Trousers.

Cream Latex Hobble Skirt, with Fish Tail.

Black Latex Mistress Top.

Cream Latex Top with Black detail.

Red Latex Top.

Black Latex Corset with Lace Detail.

Black Latex Pencil Dress with Zip Detail.

Black Latex Basque with Suspender Detail.

Black Latex Mistress Top.

Cream Latex Mistress Top.

Naturally, my latex outfit will depend on what you would like
to experience in session. If you are wishing to experience anal play
with the use of my Strap-on, then I will need to wear my Latex trousers,
or a skirt that allows me to strap my cock in place and get into position
with ease. That can be a little tricky if I'm wearing a long hobble skirt!

Latex is incredibly sexy, whenever I walk in Latex the glossy rubber
has it's signature sound. It's glamourous, and super HOT for my slave
to feast his eyes over! Just imagine being in my dungeon, your eyes
watching my every move, listening to the crisp sound of my stiletto
heels, while you're strapped tight to my 2 meter diameter wheel.

Protracted bondage, hooded, and blindfolded will leave you
straining to listen to the sound of my approach. Smell my
sweet perfume, it will heighten your senses tenfold.

Experience heavy bondage while you lay strapped in my
leather body bag. Feel my body crush your body. Feel my
leather gloved hands carress your aching, throbbing penis!

Watch and take in very second, while I, the Teasing Temptress
seduces, torments, and encourages your erect penis to shoot it's
full load to orbiting heights. Oh how you remain bound tight
throughout your entire session, feeling out of control.

My wardrobe is filled with stunning designer latex outfits:
William Wilde, Skin Two and Honour, Westward Bound.

Killer Stiletto heels by: Christian Louboutin, Dune, Miss Sixty,
Guess, Office, Kurt Geiger, and Zara, Carvela, Ted Baker, and more.

Thigh and Crotch Stiletto Leather boots designed by: Fernando Berlin,
Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Carvela, 1969 Italy,
Dune, and many more . . .

Stunning leather outfits from Prada, Allsaints, Diesel, Gucci, Guess, Crazy
Outfits, Zara, Leatherotica. Glossy PVC from Top Shop, Skin Two and Honour.

A magnificent collection of exquisite leather gloves from Chester Jefferies,
Dents, Gucci, Ted Baker, COS, Aspinal of London, Christian Dior, Michael Kors,
Miss Sixty, Alexandra Bartlett and more! In a wide range of lengths, colours
and styles to complement my stunning collection of gorgeous outfits!

Soft, sumptuous heavenly fur in designer hats, coats, gloves and scarf's.
No doubt there will be something from my extensive wardrobe that will
indeed stir your inner most desires that is sure to fulfill your fantasy!

If you would like to see more of my breath-taking images, simply click
the links below and take a leisurely scroll through my extensive website.

Visit my gallery page and become a member of my inner sanctum.
Witness how I interact with my subservient's through hours of HD movies!
Start your journey with me, the Ultimate Quintessential English Goddess,
Seductress, Temptress! Visit me and fulfill your heart's desires!


For more information on how to session with me, write to:



Office BITCH

Stiletto Fever

The Gentleman


Role Play



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