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By Appointment Only! Please allow up to two weeks notice.
Sadly, I am not available during weekends (Saturday or Sunday)

Write to me at:


When writing, please provide as much detail as you feel
comfortable divulging, with regards to the type of session you
would ultimately like to experience. Please be respectful with
your choice of words when putting forward your session interests.

It would help immensely if you could also put forward your preferred date,
time and duration of your session. Once again, I will remind you to allow
two weeks notice. I cannot provide same day, or short notice bookings!

Once a date and time has been agreed I will require a deposit. The deposit
is there to secure your session with me. Once the deposit has been received I
will confirm in writing. I will then write to you the night before with final
confirmation, to ensure you are still available for your session!

Should you cancel, the deposit is non-refundable!


Rendezvous in London!

I am providing sessions within a fully equipped dungeon, in the
heart of London. For those who wish to experience a most foreboding
Lair with all it's paraphernalia, including the Medical Room, you will
find it within walking distance of Paddington tube station!

A most enchanting and atmospheric dungeon with whips, chains,
shackles, and toys. A superb collection of quality furniture, including
St. Andrew's Cross, Whipping Bench, and Stretcher Bench for Protracted
Bondage and Role Play Disciplines. Indulge your true heart's desires!

If you find you are a little mystified with taking that first step,
please write to me, and I will be happy to encourage you all the way.

There are many disciplines one may enjoy, wrapped in a role play
scenario, such as naughty school boy arriving for detention!
Mmm . . . . I will greet you in a most figure hugging sexy attire,
brandishing my rather flexible cane! Yes it does have a sting in it's
tail, but it certainly doesn't need to last for days and days, unless
you've specifically requested such a heavy Sadistic / masochistic
session. The level of your session is clarified via email well
before your impending arrival!

However, I will put your mind at ease, and assure you that
if you are NOT one for pain, and you have no inclination or desire
of wishing to experience pain, that is perfectly acceptable to me.

One does not need to experience pain while under my seductive
influence and control! Nonetheless, I will take full advantage of you!

The dungeon walls are laced with a collection of robust Canes,
Nipple Clamps, Strap-Ons, Leather Hog Ties, Leather Bondage Sack,
Rubber Bondage Sack, Leather and Rubber Hoods, Ropes, Collars and
Leads, Whips and Floggers. The shelves provide an exquisite display
of playful toys, including varying size Dildos and Butt Plugs.

Take a moment and consider being dominated by a Goddess, a
powerful Business Woman. I will delve deep into your mind! Getting
you HOT under your crisp white collar before you head off to work!
Imagine having a little reminder of me many hours later!

Location in Paddington offers the following:

Medical Room for patients who wish to receive a most decadent
kinky foreplay, while in the skillful hands of a Medical Officer!

Two fully equipped spacious dungeon rooms!

Executive Stress?

Mmm . . . you need Executive Discipline!

Experience strict discipline of the highest class at the 'Stiletto' feet of the
City's leading BITCH Boss! Feel the striking Power of My Dragon senior cane
as it connects with your peachy buttocks! Take a thoroughly good old
fashion hand spanking over my nylon seamed stocking knees, before you head
off to work! Imagine feeling the sting of my firm hand while you sit at your desk!

Feel my strap-on sink deep inside your black hole, and become my filthy fuck bitch.
Imagine your wrists and ankles shackled to the cast iron bars, while I tease and
torment your throbbing aching cock! Mmm . . . Oh the thought. How arousing!

Kneel before me and worship my silky fully fashion nylon seamed stockings.
Feel my stiletto sink deep into your mouth. Lick and suck my killer heels!

Make your fantasy into reality! Indulge and realise your heart's desires!

Write to Lady Annabelle at:


I very much look forward to hearing from you!


Sessions at my country manor are by invitation only, and you MUST
be able to arrive under your own steam, that means in your vehicle!
My hidden candlelit lair beneath the old oak floor is incredibly
atmospheric, and the acoustics echoing off the brick walls
enrich the overall senses, enhancing ones experience!

Flames flicker casting eerie shadows. Shackles, whips and chains
lavishly adorn the old scarlet ribbon brick walls. Imbued deep within
these dungeons are the perpetual 'aides-mémoires' of my slaves enduring
the most mind blowing sensations, enhanced by my 6 inch stiletto heels
sounding staccato on the concrete floors! Every little detail has been
captivated to enhance and intensify my slave's inner most depravities!

My slave's heavy erratic breathing resonates from the enclosed metal cage,
reinforcing his vulnerability. The state of his mind is in utter turmoil, skin
perspiring, dripping sweat, while his heart thumps from being
in a state of anxiety! Fear of the unknown!

Have you ever borne the test of your inner strength, to experience
true fear and excitement simultaneously? Imagine being held in extreme
bondage, with leather shackles restricting your limbs. Visualise my exquisite
physique adorned in leather, my warm breathe stroking your semi exposed
masked face. Imagine my heavenly crimson glossy, lips brushing against
your skin, and my dreamy olive skin laced with a most hypnotic fragrance!

A stunning and highly erotic visual imagery will indeed create a
breath-taking scene, while fulfilling your most debauched and
wicked desires within the esoteric Arts of BDSM & Fetish!

Great Oaks Manor is idyllic for it's location, with a superb, fully equipped
Dungeon, Office, Boardroom, Gardens, Stables, Paddocks and Woodland.
Surrounded by trees and fields, deep in the heart of rural Kent!
A journey worth taking to fulfil your desires!


A slave's experience!

For my very lucky slaves, if the weather is conducive for some outside
humiliation, then I take them for a real treat! Locked in my very large
dog cage, shackled and fully masked, my slave sits naked listening
to the sound of my hypnotic voice!

I love to watch while I sip tea, listening to the sound of my slave's
heavy breathing resonating from it's cage, as he sinks into the abyss
of eroticism! I LOVE the intensity of tease, and the psychology of
permitting my slave to have one hand freely available to stroke his
penis, while listening to my audio erotica! The eroticism will indeed
send him on the most unbearable journey of torment imaginable!
Test your strength and stamina with me!

My erotica audio did just that with my ever so humble slave when
he listened to Lipstick, Nails and Stilettos! I watched him in his cage listening
to my quintessential English voice. It sent his highly aroused soul through a
psychological whirlwind, desperately trying to prevent the inevitable, yet he
FAILED miserably! My hypnotic temptress voice created a mind blowing
visual imagery that lead to the most highly orgasmic cum shot! Oh dear!

His failure to thwart a pleasurable milking only sealed his fate! My slave
endured the most excruciating and insufferable punishment of multiple
strikes to the soles of his bare feet, while shackled face down on the
grass in my tea garden! It was an enjoyable round of bastinado!


Sessions Outside at My Country Manor!

If you would like to experience the ultimate in outside humiliation, I
have the perfect location set deep within the English countryside!
However, if you have the opportunity to receive an invitation to visit,
my sessions are extremely limited. I require at least 2-3 weeks notice!

Once I receive confirmation of your session by way of a deposit, I will
then set aside some time to prepare for your impending arrival. Oh yes!
I like to get to know you, and what you are dearly wishing to experience.

Now, this does not mean I require a script from you, far from it!
But it would help if you could provide some detail about the type of
session you are wishing to indulge in, so that I have a starting point!
Thus, ensuring you have the most fulfilling and lasting experience.

If you wish to find out more about my expertise and equipment,
please scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the links in
black. Do make sure you take your time to read through the pages!


By Appointment via email. Please try and allow two weeks notice!


When requesting a session, you must send in your inquiry via email giving
full details of your interests, limitations, and past experience, along with
your name and mobile number! Should you not make the effort to give as
much detail about you as possible, then your request will simply be
filed in the trash. Contrary to popular belief, I really do not have a crystal
ball, so being clear about your request, along with your preferred date,
time and duration, will be much appreciated!!

Please be assured your details will remain in the strictest of confidence,
I do NOT and will NOT call you without your prior knowledge!

Once I receive your email of interest to book, I will respond
accordingly giving you my designated bank account, with
a view of confirming a date, time and duration!

If you would like to find out more about my expertise in the
esoteric Arts of BDSM, Discipline, Tease & Fetish, click EXPERTISE
below and feast your eyes over my sublime world of Erotica!

There is so much to explore!!!

Expertise Furniture Wardrobe

To view my variety of quality Furniture and / or Wardrobe,
please ensure you click the appropriate link above!

To visit my location in the heart of Kent, you must ensure
you can arrange your own transportation!

Receive an invitation to My Chambers and you will soon realise:
Dominatrix Annabelle is easy to find - very hard to leave!

"Visit me, to fulfil your heart's desires!"


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