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This is where the FUN begins, let's delve into them!

When booking, sessions are by appointment, with up to two week's notice!

Please write to Me with as much detail about the type of role play you wish to
experience. Naturally, the more information you provide, the better prepared I will be!

Do remember to keep your writings clean and as clear as possible.



Lady Annabelle adorned in exquisite leather!

If you are a serious lover of leather then you will enjoy My gorgeous
array of genuine leather outfits, as seen throughout this website!

My extensive wardrobe of sumptuous leather consists of full length coats.
An impressive collection of leather gloves in different colours, styles and lengths.
Thigh and knee length Pencil skirts. Gorgeous black, red, white and tan leather jackets.
White, black and tan leather trench coats. Leather figure hugging strappy bodices.
Leather corsets, lace detail leather tops, and a stunning leather wrap skirt.

My Leather wardrobe will always continue to grow!

Take a look at My breath-taking galleries and feast your eyes over
my superb movies shot in HD while in Public and in My Manor dungeon!

Preview Members Gallery Page

I adore leather with a passion and I wear it with pride. If you truly love leather,
then you will share My sentiments when I say how good it feels, sounds, and
looks! Now if you're in front of Me, you'll get to smell it too!

Combine leather with My huge collection of killer stiletto boots and shoes and
you have the perfect visual imagery for the leather enthusiasts! Live your Dream!


Mistress Annabelle takes you on a decadent journey back to school!

Adorned in sumptuous nylon seamed stockings and lacy suspenders. Patent court stilettos
and figure hugging satin corsets. Exquisite leather gloves and a most striking black cotton
gown. A strict Disciplinarian! Oh how I love to use my Dragon Cane, and reacquaint My
boy's peachy buttocks with it. The splendid joy of returning to their youth!

A hot summer's day, the heat is on! I take you on a most fulfilling, decadent journey of
debauchery and depravity. "Drop your pants, boy" I Command! Imagine my leather
gloved hand brandishing a cane! I grip your earlobe and thrust your body over My
nylon stocking silky knees, while your pants are nestled down at your ankles.

Mmm . . . Oh yes, I'm ready to give you a hard spanking! I may switch between My hand
and My trusty mule slipper! Effective, Oh Yes! Bring back any fond memories?! I bet it does!
A combination of a strict Disciplinarian with a most sensual Mothering persona. Sounds
utterly wonderful for a truly spectacular 'Back to School' experience.

Naturally, with good behaviour I do love to spoil my school boy by giving him a
face full of My succulent breasts! I may even permit him to worship my silky nylon
seamed stockings, up to My toned thighs, sweaty toes and Killer Stilettos.


A Riding Mistress, with stunning Equestrian attire!

I do love to tease and torment My stable boy with My figure hugging cream, beige,
or red coloured jodhpurs, exquisite brown or black leather stiletto boots with lace
detail, genuine soft leather gloves and a choice of Tweed Equestrian jackets.

As part of the Equestrian Fetish, I have a superb selection of Vintage Spurs,
with original sharp pins that are extremely effective when sinking into one's girth!
Exceptionally skilled with many years behind My leathery belt, I will make you
crawl through the mud, muck out My filthy stables, and make you lick the dirt off
My stiletto boots. I will grind My heels into your throbbing, pulsating balls, slap
your face, spit in your mouth and make you feel well and truly used!

As a demanding Equestrian Goddess I will expect you to meet My high
expectations, whether you are cleaning My tack or worshipping My heavenly
breasts . . . . ! Oh the very thought!!! Yes, that IS a special treat for good boys!

If you should receive an invitation to My Manor, you will have the sublime
experience of pulling My bespoke horse cart around My stunning grounds.
I have two genuine leather horse saddles, bridles, rubber and steel bits to
make your experience Oh so very REAL! Of course My lunge whip will
provide extra spice in case you need a little hurry up!

I love riding, and I love a good stallion, strong enough to take My
leather booted heels into his flanks to spur him on across the fields!

If you would like to see how much fun I have with My most adoring and devoted
slaves, enroll here and take a look inside my dedicated Equestrian section.

Enroll NOW and become My stable boy!

Remember, if you have any questions about your potential visit to me, make
sure you write to me giving as much detail as possible. If you have your own
leather outfit, bring it with you, including your leather boots!



Experience the ultimate in interrogation with one hell of a Disciplinarian!

Dare to be under My sadistic control. Test your stamina, your pain threshold.
My skillful techniques will push your boundaries further than you can imagine!

My striking leather outfit, with crisp white shirt, black tie and thigh stiletto Fernando
Berlin leather boots will give you a most striking image! Feel My power, My essence.

Imagine being held as My prisoner, naked and exposed. Hidden deep within
My candlelit Lair. Alone, masked and bound tight, left until I'm ready for you!

Silence is golden, your ears strain to receive a hint of sound. My metal heels echo in the
distance, instantly stimulating your muscle, while your breathing intensifies. Excited,
yet intimidated, your pulse races as you wait with baited breath for My entrance!

Those crisp unforgettable staccato sound of metal heels connecting with the concrete
beneath. Oh My, the anticipation! How I love holding you captive, for My pleasure!

If you are into heavy bondage, I have the perfect leather body bag for you!

A superb way to restrict your movement. Arms slide into the sleeves inside.
Total enclosure with a three way zip for My easy access to your very erect phallus!

Leather hoods, Gas Masks, Gags, Blindfolds all help to give you total sensory
deprivation. Escape from your busy life and delve into My creative world of role
play! Feel the sense of catharsis, as I take full control of your mind, body and soul.


"Bound, shackled, gagged, hooded, plugged, stretched!"

Oh to be under the influence of a Medical Officer while you're shackled and
bound to a robust leather Stretcher Bench with metal stirrups! A wild card to play,
as you find yourself caught up in a game of mind control. What will I do to you today?

Perhaps I could lock your jaws into a metal brace to keep your mouth open for
penetration. Or I could tease you with My selection of metal Sounds, sinking them
deep into your urethra! Although this may seem alarming, it's been said by many,
the feeling is incredibly stimulating, like being fucked inside out!

"Now there's a good patient, lay still while I use my stethoscope!
Ahh, heart beating strong, it's time I used my highly polished sounds set!
Let's see if I can clear out any blockages as I tunnel into your urethra!"

Enjoy the many pleasures of this breath-taking role play, while I play with you,
using My vast collection of toys: Strap-Ons, Sounds, Electrics, Bondage, Vibrators,
Nipple Clamps, Cock & Ball Clamps, Anal Plugs, whips, paddles, rope bondage & more!





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