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Cum for the ultimate tease by one Strict, yet Sensual Executive Seductress!

I love to get my slave 'hot under his crisp white collar' and I must confess
I've always found the Office Seductress role play incredibly stimulating, and highly
erotic! It's one that I really love to act out with appreciative men, whether in my
impressive board room, office, outside in a gorgeous public park, or in a restaurant!

I love to dress in a traditional tailor pin stripe suit, hair scrunched in a loose bun,
pinched together with a pearl hair grip! Lips laced with shimmering crimson
lipstick, to give the ultimate sexy pout. Black lacy lingerie with sexy suspenders,
silky bitter chocolate nylon seamed stockings with black lace tops. Simply stunning!

To complete the Office Seductress look, I slip my petite feet into a pair of patent
6 inch stiletto Louboutin's! Oh the connotations of this Office look are endless!

The BITCH from hell! Demanding! My office junior must produce results!

If you feel you have the skills to impress me, write to me:



Imagine sitting with me on a bench in a public park, taking copious notes
from me, as I dictate the Minutes of Meeting held earlier in the day. Oh I
do expect you to have listened to every word. But you are finding it
very hard to concentrate as your eyes are drawn to my crisp white
open button blouse, just enough to see my deep cleavage!

My silk bra accentuates my full bosom, and you
start to drool as your mind starts to wonder . . . . .

"Oh My Goddess, My Sexy Office Seductress!"

From the eyes of Lady Annabelle's most humble slave:

"Can this really be happening to me, the office boy, who so desperately
wishes to please and serve his Boss. Not only is his boss so sexy, but her
scent, her stilettos, her fully fashion nylon seam stockings, her essence,
her beauty. Simply breath-taking!"

My humble slave drifts into his decadent dream:

A cool evening breeze filtering through the old sash windows, a
welcoming tonic during the summer months. Soft instrumental
Jazz playing in the background lays a mellow ambiance. 

Christopher, the office junior is working late for his BITCH Boss.
He feels the pressure and loosens his tie!

His phone reverberates, sending a chill through his body,
he knows who it is. His heart beats. The palms of his
hands become clammy. It is time!

I sit in my luxurious soft leather executive chair.
Adorned in a steel grey pin striped tailored suit.
I remove my gold frame spectacles and . . . .


He places a folder on my desk. I give a dispassionate look,
amused and flattered by his nervous persona!

I set him an impossible task, one that could not be achieved by
my deadline. I remove the folder from my walnut desk and drop
it deliberately on the varnished oak floor. It lands with a thud. 

"Come here", I delicately whisper.

He moves close and catches my sweet hypnotic fragrance.
I grab his ear lobe and thrusts his face between my stocking thighs.
Pushing his head down to my stiletto feet. 

"Now lick and suck my stilettos."

I watch with delight, as I slip my hand between my cleavage!
Getting aroused, as I glide my finger over my erect nipple.
Mmm . . I spread my legs wide enough so
he can see my stocking thighs.

I dial reception, and instruct the girl to hold all calls,
I'm not to be disturbed under any circumstance!

Having locked the door, the only distraction that can
be heard comes from the open sash window!

I thrust my boy's face between my thighs and . . . . .


* * * * * * * * * * * *


If this little story stirs your inner emotions appealing
to your Fetish taste then write to me at:



Cum for the ultimate tease by one Strict, yet Sensual Executive Seductress!



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