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There are no words that can truly describe the experience one receives when
I have you listening to my smooth velvet voice, hypnotising your mind. The mind
IS the most powerful tool one can have, and when you're hooked up to your
earphones listening to my quintessential English voice melting you into a most erotic
sensual state of exquisite sexual euphoria, you'll understand exactly what I mean!

My Members Exclusive is dedicated to my incredibly supportive Members, who continue
to inspire my creativity, my passion for Erotica and my love for providing you with a
special place for you to visit and experience my style of FemDomme BDSM and Fetish!

As described by many of my audio listeners, I've created some breath-taking scenes
that become so real for you, and yes that's because they're all based on real genuine
experiences, which is why many visualise themselves taking part in them. What you're
receiving is an insight into my actual daily schedule, from my fitness regime to the
things I enjoy. I also provide a look into my pastimes as well as my present exploits.

Naturally, writing takes time, and I'm often proof reading, leaving it for a few days
and returning to it with fresh eyes. There are times when I delete, and rewrite. Mmm;
I'm also mindful of how much time I devote, as I could literally be at my computer
beavering away for hours at a time. With this in mind, there are times when I have
to say, enough now, it's time to record and upload for my eager slaves to listen in!

It's all about having that all important exclusive time of solace, switching off to
the outside world, and devoting your time to you and I. Close the door, nestle
into a most comfortable position, with glass of wine or whatever your favourite
drink is to wet your throat, and you and I are ready for some intense erotica!

I do like to ensure you have your lube ready, so you can be sure to receive some
instruction from me. In fact, I often go into detail of how you may prepare yourself.
From scenting the room to having a pair of leather gloves to hand. Oh there really is
so much detail involved, which is why it feels so real. That's the effect I have on you!

I will also provide stunning NEW photo galleries to accompany my audio erotica,
so you may sit back, with your cock fully erect and ready to spurt your HOT load
on my command. Listen to my heavenly English voice while scrolling through
my galleries at your own leisurely pace! It's my Inner Sanctum, my very Personal
Repertoire of FemDomme BDSM and Fetish Erotica! I know you'll enjoy it!

Below are just a few of my real life audio erotica stories. With every update, there will
be an image gallery to scroll through. Remember, every written piece will be based
on genuine experiences, so you are really getting an insight into my personal Life!

My Fetish Journal!

Muscle Manipulation!

Leather Erotica!

The Lady of the Manor!

Stiletto Fever!

Lipstick on your Collar!

Summer Love!


If you would like to share with me your fondest memory, relating to Fetish
write to me. If you have a story you wish to share with others, let me know!




By becoming a Member of My Exclusive Members site, you will have
access to my Inner Sanctum, you will enjoy an overall experience bringing
you that much closer to me! From HD Movies to Audio Erotica, from crystal
clear digital photo galleries to my stunning Fetish collection!

I'm here for your mind, body and soul, to share my Fetish Erotica with you!










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