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How would you like to have the opportunity of meeting me in person?

If any of the following appeals to you, simply click on each title, and find out how
you may be able to meet me at your chosen location. It's really that simple!

My Availability

By Appointment Only, with one to two weeks notice!
(Sadly, I'm not available during the weekends)

When booking, please ensure you write to me with full details at:



Sessions in rural Kent and London

My foreboding candlelit lair with cast iron furniture, whips, crops and toys
provides the perfect location for the experienced or novice 'FemDom submissive',
who wishes to explore the sublime esoteric Arts of BDSM and Fetish further!

My Manor is set within the most idyllic scenery, providing security, complete privacy
with space, variety of rooms, and extensive grounds to experience your Fetish desires.
As you drive up to the large wrought iron gates, you will notice how tucked away
you will be. A country setting within dense woodland, displaying Horse Chestnut,
Copper Beech, Sycamore, Cypress, Pine, Ash, Silver Birch, Yew, Elder, Holly,
and Hawthorn trees. This is where your journey begins, as you enter my grounds
and arrive at my front door, heart racing, full of excitement, ready for me to greet you!

If you receive an invitation to my Manor for a session, you will be expected to
arrive in your own vehicle, so there is no fuss, and you may leave with ease.

For the novice, a light introduction to a role play scenario may be experienced
inside my large Office, with all the traditional furniture one may expect to see!

Full details of both locations are found on my sessions page!


The Office Seductress

Experience a most teasing session of edging within a traditional Office
environment. Oh the torment as I tease you with my ten strap suspender
belt, lacy lingerie and satin corset, as seen in the image to the left of this page!

Have you daydreamed of an Office affair while you're sitting at your desk in your
tailored suit with crisp white shirt, silk tie, leather shoes. Tapping your silver biro
on your diary, looking a little uncomfortable, as your muscle starts to twitch.
A visual image of your Lady Boss leaning over you, displaying her ever so deep
cleavage, her hypnotic scent, crimson lips, ruby red glossy fingernails. Heaven!

The Office Seductress! A sexy, provocative, teasing role play. I love it.


Stiletto Fever

If you have a passion for gorgeous stiletto heels and fully fashion nylon seamed
stockings, find out how you may indulge in this wonderful fetish with me! Listen
to my powerful audio and if this Fetish appeals to your deepest fantasy, read on
and then write to me. Make sure you provide as much detail as you can.

Feast your eyes over my stunning array of stiletto heels! WOW!


The Distinguished Gentleman

A surreptitious rendezvous arranged in a bar, restaurant or in the park.
Casual or formal?! Imagine being in public with your Goddess, shopping,
having a drink or enjoying a lavish meal with the subtle rituals of being
collared under your crisp white collar! Oh it's our little secret!

Find out how you may have the opportunity of meeting me in
Public while being the perfect Distinguished Gentleman!

Click the link above and discover how you may meet your Goddess!


Temptress Annabelle

Do you love Latex? How would you love to see me adorned in the most
exquisite latex dresses, tops and pants. My stunning designer garments
are from William Wilde, Skin Two and Honour. They will undoubtedly
fulfil your passion and desires for a memorable few hours.

Find out how you can worship your Goddess by clicking
here Temptress Annabelle!


Role Play

The Equestrian Lady! Oh those stunning figure hugging jodhpurs, riding
boots and white blouse. My crimson fingernails laced with a most exquisite pair
of leather gloves! Watch how I grip my flexible whip. Listen to the sound of my
striking stiletto heels while we take a leisurely stroll in the park!

Or, perhaps the following Role Play scenarios tickle your taste buds?
The School Mistress. Medical Officer. The Leather Goddess. Military and
Disciplinarian. The Strict Governess. The Equestrian Lady. Auntie!

Read on to find out more!


My Expertise

Discover the many Arts I specialise in, along with my fetish attire!

My time with you will always be conducted within a safe environment,
ensuring your welfare comes first. It is important that you are honest with
me about your own health. Therefore, when visiting me, if you are taking
any medication for any reason, you must inform me before we start.

If you suffer from old sports injuries, let me know! You may be surprised
to find how that can affect your experience while bound tight in rope or
leather bondage! If you suffer from claustrophobia, please advise me!

Believe it or not, the mind is the most powerful tool one possess's, if you
have difficulties overcoming a phobia, I may be able to help you through it!

Contrary to popular belief, I sadly do not have a crystal ball, so please
ensure you are open and honest with your own abilities, as well as your
health! If you would like to know more about my Expertise, please
click the link above and read the many areas I specialise in!


My Wardrobe

Feast your eyes over the many stunning outfits I possess. Latex,
Leather, PVC, Lingerie, Corsets, Basques, Dresses, Nylon Seamed
Stockings, Leather Gloves, designer Stiletto Shoes, and my vast
collection of exquisite leather stiletto boots.

Take a look at the many pieces of specialist implements
and toys I use. Simply click Wardrobe and indulge to
your heart's content!



As well as the traditional pieces of furniture found in a dungeon,
I am versatile and creative when outside in my extensive grounds!
The trees in the woods make superb props for some outside play.
My 8 ft brick wall gives a striking backdrop for
military interrogation and bondage.

My mature gardens make the idyllic setting for my maids,
while fully dressed in their sissy outfits. If you would like
to find out more click Furniture and read in full.

If you would like to see just how creative I am with my
equipment, take a good look through my Preview page.


If you would like to know more, please write to me with your
thoughts on how you would like to experience your time with me!

I very much look forward to hearing from you!






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It's worth reading all the pages so you really
get a good feel of what I provide!


Office BITCH

The Gentleman Stiletto Fever Role Play

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access to my 5 FREE Bonus sites click the link below and take the Tour!


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