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Monday, 23rd July 2018

Whilst the summer weather continues to provide us with the most sizzling hot conditions, I'm
definitely making the most of it. The beautiful sun blaze's it's glorious rays across the azure
skies, and dare I say, whilst we've not had any significant rain in the last couple of months, the
grounds are now looking incredibly parched. In fact, it's been a struggle to keep on top of the
fallen leaves! Every morning I'm out in my gardens, I have to remind myself, we're still
very much in the middle of Summer, and not Autumn! WOW oh WOW!

Well, so what's been happening with me? Quite a lot! I come back to our man made
invention of 'time'. Oh it is good to have, but boy does it keep reminding me of how time
never stops, it's the one thing that keeps going, relentless with it's ticking, forever passing by!

It only seems like yesterday I was modelling the most stunning pair of Arollo leather boots,
for the owners website. Yet that was back in Spring! Yes I do still wear them a lot! They are such
a super snug fit, and I love the way they accentuate my ankles, whilst significantly raising my
heel, giving me long legs to die for! Oh for you to be my slave on your knees, licking them
clean! It's a tough job being my slave, as I have the most wonderful collection of leather stiletto
boots, and they all need so much tender loving care, keeping them highly polished, and maintained.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


A Session that doesn't always go to Plan!

With all this hot weather, I had a session planned in my gardens with a dear gentleman friend who
travelled all the way from Derbyshire. That's quite a drive, and he is the most adoring slave, always
ready to try anything. I will say, he loves being outside in my gardens, so with our unusually hot
and dry summer not letting up, I felt sure we would be in for a great day! Mmm . . . not a chance!

As so often happens, I will plan, prepare and hope all will go well for a little fun time outside!
Ha, the morning my gentleman friend arrived, it rained! Oh it was very warm, sticky, and humid!
My preparations began at 7am, getting hobson to take everything outside, including electric cable
for my electric hoist, and external lights for filming! By the time my slave had arrived, the rain
clouds descended and the heavens opened! I opened the door to an almost drowned rat!!!

Yes it did pour to begin with, and then it tailed off into a continual light drizzle!


We both looked at each other, raised our eyes, and laughed, how typical is this, we just
couldn't believe it! But hats off to my slave, he was still eager to get outside, so that's
exactly what we did! For the few hours of session we had outside, it never stopped raining!

I'm looking forward to editing this movie, as I'm sure you'll see what I mean! Suffice to say,
we both enjoyed our time together, and I thoroughly enjoyed putting him into a most
compromising position, using my leather straight jacket, and rope, hoisting him up high
into the tree! I had his ankles and wrists shackled together, which provided the perfect
position for exposing his peachy buttocks! WOW oh WOW, how he didn't spunk is
all credit to him, as he held on like a trooper! Mmm . . . you see, he gets very excited
when I tie him up tight, so he cannot move a muscle. When he's in this position, it
gives him such a mental mind fuck, that it almost tips him over!

I cannot wait to have this movie up on the members site, along with some photos!

However, just so you get an idea of what I mean, here's a little teaser of what's to come!

I used leather belts to support his neck, back and shoulders, and you may just be able
to see his small penis, well, looks can be deceptive! Just because he's not very big, and
yes he does have a small penis, he was ready to explode! I thwacked his buttocks a
few times using my Cat whip, just to simmer him down, as there was no shadow of a
doubt, he was right on the edge! Perfect for anal play, especially as he's hooked up to my
electric hoist! Yes the Lady of the Manor, that's me, played with my little box, pushing the
button to go up and down, until I felt he was in the right position for a good hard fuck!

And, it was still raining!

At least my external power cables and box were water tight, and I didn't blow anything
up! Ever since I've had both manual and electric hoists for some wild suspension play,
it's been hugely popular! Mmm . . . I can't think why!!! Haha. I absolutely love it!

I have to say, not only did he thoroughly enjoy our session, and he experienced another
whopping cum shot, he also loved my leather outfit! This is what I wore for the day!

When I swung open the front door to let him in, he blushed, as he couldn't take his eyes off me!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


A New Hobby!

This brings me onto my latest movie coming to the members site this Friday!

My goodness, another WOW oh WOW! How I love playing Cat and mouse, as happened last week!
Yes I had my dear slave running through the grounds! This particular movie was fun to shoot,
and to be blunt, the initial chase was of course staged, however, what it demonstrates is just
how excited my slave became, when I had him running away from me. It's getting into that
all important mind set, and believing you're about to get an arrow between one's thighs!

Of course I always do air on the side of caution as quite frankly, safety will always comes first!
So my little sweet hearts, don't for one moment think I will actually shoot an arrow at you, as that
would be incredibly dangerous! I received my Recurve last year, however, I've not had an opportunity
until now to use it. When it arrived, I had to string it, that was interesting, and there's more to it, than
meets the eye! Now, for those who wish to be judgmental about the way I grip my bow, I will do it
my way, and if you watch the movie, you'll see I do bring the bow up and shoot from the correct position!

Ha, I did receive one critique making his observation of my three second trailer posted on Twitter!
Yes I do know how to point, aim and fire correctly! Most of what I was doing was for the benefit of
the camera to ensure the viewer gets a great 'VIEW'! When you watch the actual movie, you will
see that I am indeed firing it from my chin and not my breasts! That is the trouble with trolls who
cannot help putting in their little gripe! It was a waste of his time and energy!

I never respond to this idiots, I either mute them or block them!

It's a journey of pure exhilaration, and when caught, his mind and body are truly exhausted!

As he hangs from my tree, his caged cock is tormented further with my leather crop, and as each
thwack connects, his throbbing penis gets harder and harder, further inducing the pain and torment,
as it persists protruding from it's cage! A prolonged agonising tease and torment with my fingernails
prodding and digging into his bulbous head and thick shaft. Mmm I do so love my leather fingerless
gloves, they certainly look the part and they're most practical when I wish to show off my fingernails!

While you watch and wonder, is he really enjoying the pain? Oh YES he certainly is, as evident by
the way I have difficulty in removing his cage. My slave's penis is so hard and erect, the metal
ring gets stuck, so much so that I have to put a little effort into removing it!!!

My oh my, as his rock hard cock remains large and meaty until finally I permit release!

I do love my sexy leather outfit, as for my shorts, another WOW!

I know my leather outfit alone is enough to make you want to spurt!

There will be more movies to enjoy in the coming weeks, as I get to work editing them for your viewing!

So keep a watchful eye open, as this season really is a sizzling HOT, Cracking Summer!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My extensive Leather Collection!

Over the years I've continued to add new leather outfits to my extensive leather
collection! There is something so sexy when I'm adorned in leather, not just the way it looks but
the way it feels against my body! It's signature sound, musky smell, imperfections in the grain, and
the way it molds to my shape! Genuine leather is soft and supple, and the smell often reminds me
of an old cobblers shop! I am forever grateful for my gentleman friends who have continued to gift
leather garments for my Fetish wardrobe. They are truly stunning, as seen here in my recent images!

Rest assured, for the genuine leather enthusiasts, I will continue to produce movies with me adorned in my full leathers!
Mmm . . . this includes my stunning leather stiletto boots, gorgeous and sexy leather gloves, and leather whips!

Just the thought of having you over my leather clad knees, while I deliver a thoroughly hard hand spanking across
your peachy buttocks. I'm sure the smell of my leather would be truly hypnotic. My leather gloved hand caressing
your bulbous head, gripping your rock hard shaft, and making you cum over my gorgeous leather boots.

Naturally, I would encourage you to clean up the mess with your tongue, while I held your head in my leather
gloved hand to ensure you get the job done! Waste not, want not! I know how much you'll enjoy feasting your eyes over
my extensive leather collection, and when you're inside my members area, you'll see just how much leather I have!

I'm sure you'll agree just how super sexy it looks!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Sizzling Summer Beach Pics!

Well, we can't go without feasting your eyes over this years Beach pics!

As I've said, the weather here in the UK has been extraordinarily HOT, as good as being abroad
in the South of France, Greece, or St. Lucia. My goodness, I do hope it continues long into Autumn!

I feel we were in for a good treat, especially after our exhausting winter of 2017 / 2018. Having
experienced the Beast from the East, and one from the West, it didn't look as though winter would come
to an end! So this weather is welcoming on all levels. However, if you're one for struggling in this heat, do
make sure you drink plenty of water. I know you suffer with heart palpitations which is hardly surprising
given the pictures I put in front of you, but you don't need to suffer unnecessarily! This weather is set to
continue well into this week, and it could last into next week! Gosh I do hope so! Be sensible!

Now, if these next set of images raises your temperature, I suggest you sit down!

Remember, if you are wishing to book a session with me, please be aware, sessions are limited due to my ongoing
commitments with my membership website! If there is a particular movie that really clicks with you, and you're
wanting to experience a similar session, then take the time to write to me. My email address is as follows:


When writing, do make sure you provide details of your interests, along with the duration and a date. Please bear
in mind, I usually require at least two weeks notice. The more detail you provide, the better prepared I will be!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


There really is so much more to see and enjoy inside the members site, so do take the time to read
through the many free pages here, and I hope to see you inside! If you become a member, write to me
and let me know. I would love to know which movies become your favourite. I have so many of them!


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