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The Joys of Winter!

Through the bitter cold months of icy winds, bare trees and grey skies,
there's still beauty all around. Very soon, the grounds will be awash with stunning
white snow drops, and as I stood on the steps today, it felt as though Spring was upon us.

I must admit, I've certainly changed my tune with winter, as I now see beauty everywhere,
even during those frosty cold mornings when I slip my toasted toes out of my bed and jump
straight into a power shower! Although I'm never thrilled when it rains, and we've certainly
had a lot of it. However, it must be said, living here in the small corner pocket of Kent in the
South East of England, the weather has not been as bad as Scotland, or indeed, the Eastern
Seaboard in the United States with it's snow storms. I've experienced these brutal conditions!

Now, I'm sure many of you are looking in the mirror, and thinking one's belly is looking a
little more plump than usual, and feasting on those high calorific puddings, festive turkey
dinners with all the trimmings, have taken their toll, and you're now sadly paying the price!
Oh dear! I think you're in need of my strict disciplined diet, and a regular fat burning regime to
get you back on track, so you may at least feel a little more comfortable than you are feeling
right now! I know you so well, you've already purchased your monthly gym subscription,
yet you're into your second week of January, and you've only attended the once! That's you!

That's the problem, most of us set a New Year's resolution, having this marvellous belief of
starting afresh, you'll be motivated, with enthusiasm, vigor and vitality! The only problem
with that is, tomorrow never comes! The winter blues set in, we're looking at our credit card
statements and the relentless sales have cleaned you out of pocket, bank and home! Ouch!!!

How can we beat the winter blues, and brighten things up?!

Well, there's no easy solution, it's not a straight forward click of the finger, and
you can't wish it upon us. No the simple fact is, we need to make the effort, and we
have to want it. Of course, that's just the first part, the crux of achieving anything in life,
is having discipline. Yes that's absolutely right, so you don't have discipline, and you can't
purchase it off the shelf! Oh No, you can't. Really. That's where I come in. Here's what you do!

Exercise! Only follow this if you believe you have NO health problems, suffer with any
old sports injuries, or you have heart problems. If you follow my instructions it's at your
own risk, and you take full responsibility for your own actions and your body! Got it? Good!

I know, you need me to set you on the right track. Now, just imagine you're in my grounds,
looking at me adorned in my Tweed jacket, leather gloves, fishnet stockings, leather boots,
brandishing my leather crop. Yes you can see me on the far left. Now imagine you've just
spent the last five minutes jogging around the gardens, and you've completed your warm up!
That's good, I can see you're starting to pant. Oh boy, you're not very fit at all. It's just as
well you do have me. Now down, on all fours, yes that's on hands and bended knees.

Press ups, down, hold the position, kiss my leather booted toes, and back up.
Repeat, down, hold the position 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and kiss, and back up, and repeat, AGAIN.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, kissssssss, and back up, and repeat, AGAIN, back down, and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
hold the position, kisssssssss, hold it, whip, I did not tell you to get up, back down, again.

One more time, hold the position 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. KISSSSSSSSS and back up.

Oh dear, your arms are shaking, rest for two minutes.

Now, jog on the spot, keep jogging, spread your arms out and straight, now clap your
hands above your head, and back down to your sides, back up and down, up and down,
move your arms, keep jogging, don't stop. Yes I can hear you panting, take it nice and easy.

Jog, keep going for a couple of minutes, and continue moving your arms up and down.

Now STOP. I want you to stretch your arms and legs, and if your throat is dry, sip water.

Don't gulp it down, gosh you're such a PIG, it's no wonder you're overweight, you just
haven't mastered the breaks and knowing when to stop! Right, now that you've managed
to recover, I want you to take note of the following tips to help your eating habits.

Naturally, the following will depend on your daily routine, and the type of job you have.

If you're not working shifts, and you have a pretty average 9am to 6pm job or similar, give
or take an hour or two, then follow these steps to the best of your ability, which I know is not
a lot!!! However, I'm sure you can manage, especially as I will be here to help you.

Always ensure you have breakfast, it is the most vital meal you will have every day.

Eat like a King at breakfast, a Prince at lunch and a pauper at tea time!

Try to eat all of your meals sitting at a table. Now this next bit may sound a little silly,
but it's so your brain knows it's your actual meal. If you eat while on the go, it's a lot harder
to keep a track of what you've actually eaten. Plus it's harder to differentiate between snacks
and proper meals. By sitting, you are telling yourself it is a proper meal. Sounds logic, right!

The last meal of the day should be light, with more protein and very little carbs and sugar.

Foods to try and avoid are:

Bread, pasta, rice, sweets, cakes, biscuits, crisps, alcohol, anything with sugar in it, as they spike
your sugar levels, and you end up craving more of it. Now of course, this does not mean you need
to go without completely, as your body does need some sugar, so have a small bar of chocolate
as a treat, but try to avoid eating one before going to bed. Avoid cheese, chocolate and caffeine
late at night, and cut down on the amount of coffee or tea you have, unless it's caffeine free!

Vegetables are very good for you, the more fresh food you have the better it is for you.

Try to avoid processed foods, and drink plenty of water, especially during the summer!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



For those who have taken part in my Advent Calendar for December 2017, I've been overwhelmed with
emails of appreciation for all the work! I have to say, in the first couple of weeks, opening something up
every day became impossible for many, as it was distracting, and some of you were not getting your
work done! Dear Oh dear! I cannot express enough just how pleasing it was for me when so many of you
tried to complete both puzzles. The second puzzle threw many of you, and I counted 37 went out to
book stores to track Venus in Furs, in order to locate the missing words in the grid. Oh WOW,
your detective skills came to fruition, as 34 of you found the correct words!

Very well done!

I've received 156 emails putting forward descriptive stories, and due to the sheer amount, the deadline
for announcing the winner has been delayed. Hardly surprising as there are just so many to read!

However, just to advise, I've managed to whittle it down to three, so I hope to have the winner
announced this weekend. Keep your ears and eyes open! The winner will have his Christian name
written on the Advent Calendar 2017, and I will record his story and it will be available in MP3 for
download on the members site. I will place the link for this audio on the latest updates page!

My final thought for the Advent Calendar is acknowledging all who have written in with regards
to Day 22, 23, and 24. It would appear they had quite an impact on so many of you, and I really
am delighted beyond words. Thank you. It's superb that you feel I can put experiences across so
well that you can relate to them. In fact, Day 24 did exactly that with a select few.

For those who are behind, and have not had the opportunity to read it, please do. My dear harry
still continues to visit, and he's well on his way to returning to his old self. It's taken a few sessions,
and his libido returned pretty swiftly! I'm thrilled to have made a real difference to his future.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


What's on the Horizon!

Last year was truly eventful, enjoyable and pleasurable, producing stunning footage, shot at my
Manor and on location. For those who are wishing to dip their toes into a world of FemDomme Fetish,
but feel a little out of one's depth, please take the opportunity of joining my membership website.

This site is for those who truly believe in serving his Goddess, that's me, and for those who love
role play scenarios that cover a multitude of disciplines, sensual domination, and fetish attire.

Specialist categories are; The Equestrian Lady, The Office Seductress, The School Mistress,
The Disciplinarian, Submit to Me, Exquisite Fur Fetish, Medical and Prison, Seductive Smoking,
Double Domme, Female Submissive's, Celebrations including Halloween and Christmas movies.

This year I will be producing more exquisite erotica, focusing on many disciplines, such as
protracted bondage, chastity, sounds, electrics, sensual domination, role play, whipping, caning,
woodland bondage, Equestrian with filming outside in my gardens, stable and paddock. I have new
bondage equipment, implements and furniture to film my slaves in the most compromising positions!

My 'jam' is producing real footage with real people in real scenarios that are not staged, they are real
sessions that have been planned, prepared and filmed by me alone. Now not everyone wishes for their
sessions to be filmed, that is absolutely no problem at all. For those who do wish to be filmed, session
rules still apply. If you are wishing to find out more about private sessions, please write to me at:


Filming will NOT take place unless I have your full agreement.

I require the standard Model Release Form to be signed along with proof of ID.


For my latest updates, please take a look at:

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