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Wednesday, 10th May 2017!

A Stroll in my Gardens!

It's that time of year when the gardens are now looking incredibly
lush, and the woodlands and banks are laced with stunning bluebells,
snowflakes and other wild flowers giving colour to our landscapes.

With the blaze of brilliant gold sweeping across our English
countryside, it won't be long before I'm bathing in the summer
sun, bronzing my body for that HOT bikini shot on a sandy beach!

As I sit in my office making all kinds of plans for the coming weeks
and months, I've also been incredibly busy on my website! Mmm . . .
no surprise there! This week's movie captures a truly erotic and sexy
Strap-on play . . . Oh I know quite a few of you will be very excited
to see me using my favourite toy! The movie imagery is most
suggestive, both pleasing to the eye, as well as the muscle between
one's thighs! Here's a little teaser of what's to cum with this movie!

I've continued to receive the most incredible letters of appreciation for
the movies I've produced thus far, and while I keep on receiving your
positive feedback, in fact, it's more than positive, it's overwhelmingly
encouraging, and bloody brilliant! Thank you so much!

I will continue with my creative flare, giving you an inside view of
my latest exploits with my gentleman friends, as well as our moments
of quality time together, providing all the encouragement you desire.


* * * * * * * * * * *


Past and Future!

My website is diverse, and often I'm staggered at just how much content
I now have for my members. From breath-taking sexy imagery, wearing
stunning Fetish attire in provocative poses, to the harsher disciplines of
BDSM within my fully equipped candlelit lair. It's mind blowing!

I have been immensely appreciative of having the ability to create my
own website. Of course the complexities of maintaining, building and keeping
ahead of the curve with IT, has been challenging and stressful, to say the very
least! But I will just say, the challenges I've overcome have been rewarding,
especially when I receive your letters, full of outstanding praise! Thank you!

I have, and will continue to produce quality content, on a safe site.
A place for those who wish to belong to my Inner Sanctum with a
personal touch. I have so many movie ideas to continue bringing to
our screens, keeping you on the edge of your seat with your muscle
hanging out for more! My quintessential English voice seducing you
before you begin watching the latest movie, getting you wet before
you've even started! That added dimension members love.

When you listen to my voice before watching, it's the type of foreplay
that just sets you up! Every piece of audio I upload to the members site is
downloadable, so you can listen to me whenever you want, and wherever
you are, and on any device you choose. Just plug your ears in and sink into
my heavenly abyss of audio erotica. There's nothing quite like having
quality time with your favourite drink while following my every word!


* * * * * * * * * * *


My HOT Blog!

Taking a trip down memory lane is for me a great experience.
Reviving old stories brings a smile to my face, sharing those unique
moments that have been captured on film, or caught in a snap shot!

Whilst I continue to keep my site up-to-date, it's worth checking out
my Blog. Sometimes, it's good to go back in time and see just how much
the site has evolved. My wardrobe is the most impressive change, or
I should say, developed. I love adding different styles, or mixing my old
outfits with new accessories. My latest lingerie photo shoot shows a
white one piece bodice I purchased ten years ago! It looks as though
my Insanity workout regime is keeping me in shape for those sexy
shots! The white lingerie photo set will be coming very soon!


* * * * * * * * * * *


What's been happening?

Quite a lot!!!

Oh there's never a dull moment at the Manor of Lady Annabelle!

I've been very busy with my slaves, and I'm looking forward to sharing
more exciting movies with you. I do sometimes wish there were more
hours in the day, or that I could be split into two. Mmm . . . what a
thought, two of me! I don't think the randy vicar would cope!

In fact, the randy vicar for all his verbal diarrhea is sadly lacking
in stamina. Oh he loves to push for a good hiding, but alas when it comes
to the crunch, he can barely make it over the first hurdle! Naturally, his
spirit kicks off to a great start, but after he's received the first few thwacks
of my cane, he's howling mercy, mercy. I'm not sure if he's thanking me
in French, or asking for forgiveness! Words that spring to mind are:

stupid, imprudent, foolish, unwise, careless, inane, mindless,
obtuse, mouthy, insolent, defiant, rebellious, insubordinate,
depraved, debauched, immoral, shameless, sinner, delinquent.

Well, just a few words to be going on with! I'm sure I will think of
some more! Now I do have a small movie to show you and I'm sure
you will love watching him getting his 'just deserts', but be warned he
makes quite a noise! Can he help being in this position? Absolutely not!

The randy vicar will never change, he needs to be permanently put
in his place, and that's bent over the whipping bench with his bottom
high up begging for a thoroughly good seeing to. Oh and yes he does
beg for pegging, spanking, caning and thwacking, using my hand,
whip, cane and strap-on! What a dirty, filthy vicar!

I will just say, the other day he showed me a message from his
work colleague, and he made a little joke and said:

"if only he knew what i've been up to, but at least he won't
know as i won't have to catch the train until the beginning of
next week, by that time my sore arse will have recovered !!!"

Oh dear, what a silly boy, handing me his mobile phone!

Well, I thought I would just put his colleague in the frame, and let
him know exactly what he'd been up to! What a laugh, as this morning
I receive an email from the vicar trying to sound put out, but I know
him very well. Oh yes, the vicar will be delighted to have been the
centre of attention in the office! This is what he said:

"Mistress, Your ability to embarrass seems to know no bounds."

I agree . . . . .

"On arrival i was greeted by stuart who announced to the
assembled company - "here comes the vicar with the sore arse!!!"

The vicar's lesson, don't hand me your phone!

Oh and by the way, I will take great pleasure in making sure your next
lesson is one that you won't forget in a hurry, and it will take you a lot
longer to recover from. I do love to ensure you are left with a lasting
reminder of your sins! Yes your punishment is not over by a long shot!


* * * * * * * * * * *


A BIG Thank you!

I spent a glorious day yesterday in the company of a great friend.

After devouring a delicious slice of home baked fruit cake, and
polishing off a dish of bangers and mash with onion gravy, we took
a wonderful stroll around my favourite public gardens in an attempt
to burn off those extra calories! I must admit, I still felt incredibly
full by tea time, so the need to spend some time with Sean T working
out to Insanity came with a smile! I couldn't wait to generate some HEAT
and sweat it out, followed by a truly invigorating power shower!

It's a damn good job I have a power shower, as it's wonderful
when directed between my thighs! Oh my goodness, it feels so good!

By late evening I was ready to settle down into my sumptuous bed
with Egyptian cotton sheets, deep quilt, and goose feather pillows!
Mmm . . . I do enjoy the aromatic flavours of a good red wine,
while I begin writing my next audio erotica!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


What's on the Horizon!

Stunning outside movies in my gardens, stables, woodlands and grounds,
as well as my plush office, boardroom, medical room and candlelit lair!

More stunning figure hugging outfits, breath-taking bikini shots for my
bronzed summer erotica. After Dark Audio providing more of my
real life adventures, and sizzling modelling photo sets.

For those who have been watching my very latest movies, you will have
noticed a difference with the picture, using old vintage style, sepia,
black and white, and rich colour! I don't use these methods all the time,
but it does make a nice change whilst encapsulating the Arts of BDSM
and Fetish role play, within atmospheric surroundings. I'm sure
you'll agree, variety is the spice of life, and I do love to be
creative with my movies, as much as I possibly can.

Although I will just say, adding outside ambiance is extra work, but
a lot of fun, especially when there's a thunderstorm and torrential rain!
Quite often I will get very wet!!! Other sounds are a little easier to record
such as stiletto heels, footsteps in gravel, creaking leather, and so on.

Last Summer we had quite a few thunderstorms which really provided
a number of atmospheric movies, and the response from many of
you was superb, as you felt completely transfixed by it.

I also use a superb piece of audio software for advanced features.

So in essence, if you're looking for a movie that get's straight to
the point, for a quick fix, it's not on this site. If you're wanting to sink
into a movie with a story, following a particular character, such as
my infamous george, the butler, or hobson, then you're in for a treat.

Whilst you may feel these are simple characters brought to life through
a lens , they are genuine people who thoroughly enjoy serving the
Lady of the Manor, being loyal and subservient to my every demand.

From their perspective, they are living their dream, they are
experiencing their desire to serve, fulfilling their fantasy for real.

If you enjoy watching my movies and you're plucking up the courage
to meet me for a session, please take the time to write to me at:


Even if you're a little nervous with your approach, because you're not
masochistic in any way, or if you're mildly experienced but want to take
the next step and progress further into the more serious side of BDSM.

Write to me with your thoughts and put forward your fantasy.

Full details of my sessions and Expertise is found here:

My Expertise

Take the time to read through the entire page and write to me
with your session interests. All emails are read and responded to
by me alone, as privacy is absolute and it works both ways.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Have a truly sensational week, and I look forward to seeing you
inside! Oh and if you do become a member, write to me as I would
love to hear which movie becomes your favourite. Be warned there's
a lot to get through, hundreds of hours of great movies!





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