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Sunday, 22nd April 2018

Cherry Blossom garnishes our gardens and landscapes, along boulevards and
cobble streets, in towns and through woodlands, it's a wonderful feast for one's eyes!

It's a sure sign Spring has finally arrived, as it's official Spring is one month late!
At least now we can start to enjoy our great British Spring and Summer weather!!!

Mmm . . . well, at least it does give me a real spring in my step, and despite our longing for
warmer weather, I think it's safe to say, we're pretty used to not having it as good as we would
like, and always hope for! Of course Spring is also the season for being "in season!" Oh boy!

I wonder what will appear on my doorstep?!

Living deep in the English countryside provides many treats, especially this time of the year!
In fact, I can always look forward to my dear ferocious cat making an appearance! Oh yes, after
spending the entire winter months in hibernation, suddenly, his manly instincts have kicked in, and
it's as though he's turned back the clock, transforming into a young virile Tiger, ready to pounce
at the first opportunity! And; his gifts awaits every morning on my doorstep! If you haven't
guessed, it's a half eaten rabbit. He'll always start with the head first, and work through the
entire body. There's nothing left other than the intestines! What a treat indeed!

Still, at least it keeps the numbers down! Heaven knows where he puts it, as he's not a big cat
by any stretch of the imagination! Not like us humans! If we overeat, we put on the weight,
and pay for it big time! I wonder how many of you are still trying to work off those extra
calories gained over the Christmas and New Year festivities??? How many have spent vast
amounts of gym membership fees without actually giving it a good chance to see the results?

Is that you?

Mmm . . . I know, what you really need is my exquisite leather boot up your backside, I will
give you a few kicks in order for you to feel the effects, and hopefully that will give you the boost
you need! Or of course, I could put you over my silky fully fashioned nylon stocking knees for
a thoroughly good hand spanking, followed by the use of my leather paddle! I can already hear
your dulcet tones, yelping each time my hand connects. Could it look anything like the hand
print I gave my dear mailman only a few weeks ago?! My word, such Artistry!

My lovely hand print remained imprinted on his butt cheeks for a few days! That was quite a
thwack, and I thoroughly enjoyed administering it! The sheer glee on my face, not to mention
the laughter, it was just one of those moments, when it all came together at precisely the right
time, even the sound reverberated. Of course the acoustics in my dungeon provided the
perfect resonance. As for my mailman's shocked yelps, yes it was unexpected!!!

I cannot express the sheer fun and excitement I have with my gentleman friends, who
visit for their regular rituals of FemDomme BDSM and Fetish delights. It is exactly that, about
two people engaging in role play and experimentation. With each session, I will always plan and
prepare for each one's fetish desires, however, there will always be room for my mind to suddenly
change direction, as happened with my mailman. My signature hand print above appeared at a
moment when I was preparing to insert a stainless steel anal hook with two stainless steel bulbous
balls into his black hole! I had him temporarily bent over the whipping bench. Well, as he was
not strapped in, he became a little too cheeky for his own good! Let's just say his hands started to
wonder!!! Well, I can play at that game, THWACK, and my word, it was hard, as you can see by the
way my print blazed on his left cheek!!! Oh yes, boy did he feel it! My hand felt so damn good! WOW!

Whilst my hands are small, they can certainly pack a punch, they're strong, probably from all the horse
riding I do. I love the Equestrian attire, creamy coloured jodhpurs, vintage spurs, leather gloves, and
tweed jackets, and the pièce de résistance are my exquisite brown leather boots to finish off my attire!

Gosh, where do I begin, when it comes to my Fetish attire, in fact, it doesn't necessarily need to be Fetish!
My attire spans a wide range of outfits, the Equestrian as mentioned above, and how about my Office attire!

The hand print above can be seen in one of my latest movies on my membership site, and my
very recent movie upload is another example of how I push my gentleman's boundaries!

If the opportunity arises, I do love taking strolls in the countryside after our session! We'll start with popping
into my favourite vintage cafe, and indulge in home baked cuisine, usually it's a plate of bangers and mash or
steak and kidney pudding, a cup of coffee, and / or a slice of cake, a great way to replenish the tank, before
heading off for our walk. If the weather is conducive, I'll have my camera ready for action, as seen here:

The English countryside is such a breath-taking visual feast, and I do feel very fortunate to live here.


My goodness, my recent images posted on my Twitter profile, have received an overwhelming amount of
likes, and compliments. Taking every little detail in, from my stunning 6 inch stiletto heels, fully fashioned
nylon seamed stockings, long toned legs, lacy knickers, ten strap suspender belt, and my satin corset
beneath my tight figure hugging pencil skirt! It's a mouth watering concoction of visual delights for my
dear gentleman to go into cardiac arrest!!! Not that I want him quite like that, but having his heart
palpitations going ten to the dozen, while his throbbing muscle stands to attention is definitely the
reaction I'm wanting! Keeping that all important muscle right on the edge, not quite tipping over!


Bound, Flogged & Fucked!

As with all of my movies, they are filmed with my gentleman's full wish and desire. However,
nothing is staged, it is as you would experience in my real life sessions. I always plan and
prepare for each and every gentleman's specific interests. There are times when I may indulge
in something they've never tried, but this will be discussed prior to their actual session!

As with all of my slaves, I have built a real solid relationship with them, and I know exactly
how far to push them. What you see in this movie is exactly that! If you're one for a heavy
flogging, you'll see just how good it gets, not to mention, the look on my face says it all!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My Wardrobe!

I feel incredibly fortunate to have a profession where I can wear the most erotic styles
of exquisite Leather, glossy Latex, figure hugging pencil Suits and sexy Lingerie, with fully fashioned
nylon seamed stockings. I continue to increase my collection of stunning leather stiletto boots and
court shoes, some with open toes, and many are from well known Designers, such as Louboutin's.

The above are just a few from my huge collection, and I often rotate them, and wear each and every one whenever I can.
For me, I feel it's so important to have a great collection, especially for my movies and for my visitor friends.

Another superb movie I will be uploading very soon, I'm wearing my sexy figure hugging latex outfit, and to match
the high gloss, I'm wearing my black patent glossy thigh boots! It's a real feast for one's eyes, and a man's tongue!

With the longer daylight hours, and warmer weather, I will be producing more erotic movies in my gardens, paddocks
and woodland. Having read so many of your wonderful compliments for my movies, many long to see more of me
having my wicked way while outside. Rest assured, more will be produced. I'm looking forward to it.


* * * * * * * * * * * *


Food for Thought!

Algorithms and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Have you ever given thought to Algorithms, and AI and what this means?

Have you considered how and where the direction of banks are going?

Do you give thought and consideration to your own freedom?

Mmm . . . seriously, we really need to wake up and smell the "bull shit" it's a technical term!!!
I fear we're sleep walking into a BIG BROTHER state, governed by mindless bureaucrats.

I say this, as I wonder just how much thought they really give to the direction of our freedom!

I sincerely believe we're having our freedom slowly and cleverly taken away from us!
It's clever because it's done right from under our noses, and in a way that's so subtle, most
appear to be totally unaware of it, especially with those I speak to! The young generation think
it's super cool to use their contactless debit cards for every purchase that amounts to £30!

Do you really feel safe with your bank details stored on your mobile phones?
I don't, and what if the networks, power lines go down? How will society react if all our abilities
to connect online are thwarted by Cyber attacks, which incidentally goes on every day! Most of
us are not aware of it until we're faced with this problem. Have you ever popped into the bank,
and the assistant says, sorry our systems are down??? Mmm . . . they never give a real reason!

Have you ever gone through a drive through restaurant and they've said cash only as our
payment systems are down?! I have!!! Have you experienced trying to put cash into someone's
bank account, but have found you can't anymore, for money laundering reasons???!!! Really!!!

I stood behind a Lady wanting to put cash into her husbands account, and the Lady behind
the counter refused to take cash. She said, we'll only take cash on a prepayment slip, or you
put it into your own bank account and we'll transfer it! Hang on, the Lady said, I have the cash
in my hand, and I'm in my husbands bank, and here is his bank details, and you're telling me,
you can't take the cash like this. Answer, no sorry, we can't anymore!

Of course, you can join our bank and set up an account with us, and then we'll transfer the
money!!! The Lady replied, but my husband needs the money now!!!!! Oh boy, big BROTHER
wants to know everything, he wants to know how, when and where you're transferring your
money, and if the banks are in trouble at all, they'll have your money to use, just like Cyprus!

Artificial Intelligence! Do you really value your own Privacy in your own HOME!???

Let's be completely inoperable and allow these artificial virtual assistants do our thinking for us!
Why should it matter to anyone? Does anyone give thought to the long term ramifications of
what this will mean. The likes of Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Watson and others are popping up every-
where, suppressing our abilities to engage brain, think and do simple tasks for ourselves,
such as reading good old fashioned paper maps! These virtual assistants are listening devices,
and if you do value your privacy, think twice, three times before purchasing one, and ask
yourself, do you really need one?! Are we becoming so lazy we can't just make that phone call
ourselves, or check the latest weather without having to ask Alexa, or pop outside for some
fresh air and walk down to the grocery store to purchase your own fruit and vegetables!

Now of course, I do understand these devices are an absolute gift for those who are house
bound, and do not have the luxury of a friendly neighbour popping over to help. But do we
all need it as another fashion accessory??? Hey guys, look what Alexa can do!!!???

Remember, Virtual Assistants are listening devices, they listen into your private homes!

Whilst I will always appreciate the marvel behind the world, wide web, and how we can
reach each other across the four corners of the globe, it's a real Pandora's Box, and there's
no way back! The reason I'm making such a point here via my Bourbon on Ice newsletter,
is because, I do value your privacy, and I value real people entering my website,
supporting my work. Don't go to pirate sites, they are driving good producers out of
the online media industry. Everything you see on this site has been produced by me,
so the membership fees come to me. This means you are entering a truly personal site,
and you are truly serving me ONLY.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



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