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Saturday, 19th January 2019

Winter has arrived, and we're fast approaching the end of the first month of a New Year!

I'm often left almost speechless of how time really flies! There's never a dull moment,
and whilst most days feel somewhat challenging, I'm truly appreciative of the genuine
heart felt compliments from all who continue to serve as a Member of my website. I'm
always enthused when I read your letters, and in answer to many, I will indeed keep up
my dedication to providing a home from home. It's a pleasure for me in so many ways.

Now some of you have asked, what's happened to Bourbon on Ice? The simple answer
is, not a lot! I've had to condense some of my writings, as keeping up a regular News
letter, blog and updates via my regular social media platforms is stretching my time
very thinly indeed. Newsletters are very much a thing of the past, however, I am
aware some of you still appreciate them. Therefore, as of January 2019, I will
attempt to produce at least one Bourbon on Ice every two months.


My HOT Blog!

My HOT blog has now been archived, and in place of my blog, I've created
My Diaries, which started on 3rd September last year. My Face Book posts have
been incredibly popular over the years, even though I have to curb my prose.
Due to the success of my posts on FB, I decided to carry them over to my website,
thus giving me carte blanche to write more explicitly, without offending the public.

Due to the way I've designed My Diaries, it means I can make the transfer of my
FB posts very easy, and then I just expand on them, giving you far more detail.

Not only am I able to provide regular updates on my exploits, I may also copy
over all the comments left, so that you can enjoy the interaction I have with my
followers. I know there are so many who follow me on FB who are members of
my site, however, I'm also mindful of members who do not have an FB account.

So far, my diaries have been successful, having received so many letters from
members articulating their appreciation for these regular updates. I seriously
wish I had more time to devote to them, as it's a real pleasure writing them up.

Just remember, I am human and there will be times when I do go quiet, it may
be a simple problem with my internet connection, as revealed in today's diary.
Or I may be down with the flu, or I'm out on location filming. My weekly
schedule is tight, as I'm always out and about. I don't have my FB or Twitter
accounts tied to my mobile phone, so any communications that are produced
on my social media platforms are when I've returned home to my Manor.

I'm often receiving messages on my Twitter and FB feed, asking why I don't
respond. The simple fact is, it's exactly as I've said above. I really do not sit
at my computer all day waiting for messages to come in, and as I don't have
these wonderful instant messaging Apps on my mobile phone, deliberately
of course, I can't respond. If you are just wishing to say hi, thank you, your
message is appreciated, and I will see it at some point. If you are wishing to
send a letter, please ensure you send it to my email address, rather than
via instant messenger, then I'll know it's more than just a 'hi'.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


What's on the Horizon!

This year I will be concentrating my efforts on Hypnosis movies, as I'm BIG
on psychology! I'm sure for those who do follow me, you'll know how true this
is, and what this means. More emphasis and focus on the mind, delving deep
into the psyche, whilst pushing those delightful boundaries. I use all the senses
to enhance one's experience. A journey of mind control becomes a most
powerful journey of incredible mental and muscle stimulation.

I will also be expanding my exquisite leather wardrobe, as from my experience,
leather is incredibly popular. If I had to bet on it, I would say, it's THE most
popular fetish attire one can have. Of course, many prefer latex, lingerie,
including stockings, stilettos, thigh high leather boots, leather gloves, the list
goes on! My other favourite fetish attire is Equestrian, with vintage spurs,
Tweed jackets, sexy figure hugging jodhpurs, leather gloves, and crisp white
blouses with upturned collars to give that wonderful austere authoritarian look.

I will be taking every opportunity of producing more outside movies, and in
particular using my electric hoist for suspension with the use of rope bondage.
Oh how I love to use my rope, creating lots of very useful knots in order to
ensure my submissive is well and truly bound, without having a chance of
escape! I love it. My grounds provide a great setting for outside bondage.
With plenty of mature trees giving us shelter from their majestic leafy
canopies, should it rain. I will be beautifying this area, and making it user
friendly. At the moment, my stunning stiletto boots sink into the ground
making it very difficult to play with my suspension. Not practical at all!!!

For the next few weeks, I will be putting extra time into the maintenance
of this site, whilst I will be updating you may still access the site as normal.
However, it will be worth refreshing the pages you visit from time to time.
This may be done by pressing Control F5 to recache the pages. I'm carrying
out the usual Spring clean, ensuring there are no broken links on the site.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Friday's Movie Update!

WOW Oh WOW, what can I say, other than this is one incredible mental and physical marathon.

It's never ending, a continual pump and thrust action for hours on end, while my dear husband
remains bound in leather straps, shackles, and rope bondage. I've never had any resistance from
the Venus 2000 until this week. I told hobson I would be giving him a job to do, he was to sit in
a chair, bound of course, and spunk. I required at least 6 orgasms in a day, and the Venus 2000
would be the best way to encourage him to produce. Now, the very mention of this task, meant
his cock became swollen inside his metal cage. I cannot stress enough just how turned on he
was at the very thought of being used in this way! WOW oh WOW, I repeat it really was WOW!

I left him attached to the electric cock pump while I got on with some other things. After an
hour or so, I returned to find him in a little tizz, from being so teased and tormented, but it
wasn't quite tipping him over to an orgasm. Oh dear. I increased the speed and left him again!

When I returned, still no joy, except there was joy, coming from me!!! Mmm, what an intense
session of edging! Not quite what I had intended, but nevertheless, I was still very pleased, as
it went on and on and on! Until finally after being there all day and into the night, with the
clock ticking hastily towards midnight, I told hobson if he doesn't produce in the next hour,
I will leave him there all night, and he can miss breakfast. Well, that did it. Finally, he focused
his mind, with the help of my silky lips, whispering in his ear to help him along the way!

I would dearly love to have shown you the entire day and night, but the movie would just
be too long. So, you'll have a whopping 24 minutes and 25 seconds to watch, and when you
see him strapped in, it's no exaggeration when I say he was thoroughly exhausted at the end,
not to mention feeling incredibly tender and sore!!! Well, I enjoyed watching him, with
a very BIG smile. At least he slept like a baby, not a sound other than many zzzzz!

As this movie is exceptionally big, it's taken just over 11 hours to upload the HD file
alone, and I'm now in the process of uploading the SD movie, so I should have it linked
in by tomorrow. All going well. I can't wait for you to see it. I shall be giving you some
audio instructions, which I would like you to follow before you start watching the movie!

Would you believe just how good the Venus 2000 is, a most exceptional piece of
equipment, all credit and thanks to my special mailman. I can't thank him enough for
gifting it to me. I can literally have hours and hours of fun. If anyone should decide to
purchase this machine, do make sure you do not use oil based lubes, as it will have a
detrimental effect on the silicone seals. It's a machine you can use on yourself, or with
a partner. Either way, you'll receive so much enjoyment from it. Yes indeed!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


My Quintessential English Voice!

For those who love to listen to my voice for hours and hours, and if you spend a lot of time
travelling, what I'll say next may be of great interest to you. I've received an overwhelming
amount of letters expressing their sheer delight from listening to my audio stories. However,
it's not always convenient for some to enter my Members site in order to listen to my audio.

I'm in the process of putting together a page on the FREE site for those who would like to
purchase my audio files separately. The audio will come as an MP3, and they'll only be
produced once I've received the request. They will be bespoke, catering to your individual
taste. However, you must remember, my audio's are based on FemDomme BDSM and Fetish.

As soon as the page is ready, I will provide the link on this site, as well as via my Face Book
and Twitter profiles. If you are a Member, you may listen to my audio stories via the
Members Exclusive section. There's quite a few to get through, and I will be adding more
this year. If you're wishing to receive hypnosis audio, please ensure you make this clear.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Booking Sessions!

If you're wishing to book a session, please note all sessions are conducted in a fully equipped
dungeon facility in London. I do require up to two weeks notice, this is simply because I plan
each week in advance. I'm unable to provide same day or short notice bookings, and I do not
squeeze anyone in. Sessions are planned and prepared for in advance, to ensure you have
the most fulfilling experience. That way we both enjoy our time together.

When writing, make sure you provide as much detail as you can about the type of session you
would like to experience. Full details of my sessions and expertise can be found right here on
my website. Do take the time to browse all the pages. It'll make good bedtime reading!!!


Preview Updates

Don't forget to keep checking on my latest updates, just click the link above, and scroll
through the page. My goodness, I cannot believe just how much content I have on my
Members site. It's staggering. I have to say, I do love taking a trip down memory lane,
there are so many great movies. I often look back with a smile. In fact, I cannot recall
ever having a dull moment. From Equestrian to Leather Fetish movies, it just goes on!

If you're new to the site, please take the time to read through the Members Benefits page,
so you get a real understanding of how my website works. I want you to ensure you are
here because you truly wish to follow my leather booted footsteps, you wish to serve
me, and my desires align with yours. When you enter my site, you enter a home from
home, a place where you can feel comfortable, excited, delighted, and thrilled. It's the
place you want feel right at home with me. So don't waste it. Keep coming home to me.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


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