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17th September 2018

As of now my Blog page will be archived, so you may still read the pages
on the members site going all the way back to the beginning of when I
first created this website. In place of my latest blog is now my Intimate
Diaries. My facebook page has become so popular, I've had requests to
create something similar on my members site. So here we are, a new
chapter has begun! In fact, you can now read my latest posts on the
members site! Full details can be found on My Diaries page!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Sunday, 15th July 2018

Sizzling Summer Debauchery!

Summer Sensations!

Sizzling sun rays continue to provide a welcoming tonic, however, the serious lack
of rain, and dare I complain, is having quite an effect on our stunning landscapes!

I know one gentleman will be waiting with baited breath for his day to come when
he ascends the drive up to my wrought iron gates! A most imposing visual sight!

My letter to david continued;

It's wonderful to read another of your writings david, to describe the earthly and modern
manifestation of Athena, Goddess of War, Wisdom and Courage! How gripping, and exciting.

I'm continuing to be encouraged from the glorious sun rays casting it's delightful heat
across the azure skies, penetrating our souls and minds, while giving us all a boost of
serotonin and vitamin D. With the weather forecast continuing to provide us with high
spirits, it's a breath of fresh air for this summer, unlike last year, as I recall the high
winds plagued my filming!!! However, as you will see in just a few days, my gardens are
looking a little parched, not our idyllic oil paintings with deep shades of rich greens, a
flourish of leafy canopies lacing our landscapes, wild flowers blossoming with warmth
and colour! Mmm . . it's now a scene of barren fruitless shades of sand dune, cobble
brown and sable. It certainly has it's own character in the right setting!

As each day grinds along at a snails pace, waiting patiently for our day of decadent
debauchery in my gardens, I have no doubt you'll sleep well right up to the night before!
When you settle in for the last night your thoughts will be focusing on the day ahead.
As you tuck into your last meal, your heart will feel pangs of excitement, anticipation
and sweet thoughts of what may lie ahead. I can imagine how you'll wish for the night
hours to fly and bring you forward with speed, waking you in a hot sweat! As you slip
into a brisk power shower, you will feel your entire body and soul awaken in readiness
for the coming hours! Oh to be a fly on the wall, watching your every move, feeling your
anticipation, and something pulsating under the restraints of the cage, your nimble
fingers shaking with eagerness as you prepare yourself! Listening to your thoughts that
bellow loud and clear, of how enthused you're feeling, a burst of adrenaline flooding
your veins, a flight or fight, or in your case, surrender to your Goddess Athena,
as your mind, body and soul become mine once again!

The last remaining minutes quicken as you near that all familiar country lane,
leading you to finally ascend the track up to my powerful menacing wrought
iron gates. As you step out of your vehicle, with the engine humming silently,
you remove the padlock, yet the padlock feels mighty heavy. As you peer
through the bars and view the curved drive leading up to the majestic facade of
Lady Annabelle's Manor, the beat of your heart quickens, your nerves intensify,
and every inch of your body aches, with an overpowering sensation of passion,
stimulation and excitement! Once the gates close, you are locked inside,
imprisoned solely, purposely, exclusively within the grounds of the most
charming, atmospheric and majestic Manor. Silence is golden, even the
signature crunch of gravel beneath your soles become nothing more
than silent footsteps as you make your final approach to the
grand oak door, before you make your presence known!

But of course, I already know you've arrived, my eyes see you before your
eyes focus on those wrought iron gates. I know when you've pulled into the drive,
when you step out of your car, and when your finger hovers in readiness to
announce! The breathtaking moment you've been waiting for, the moment has
come, it's happening right now, as the clock strikes on the arrival time . . . .


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


28th April 2018

Last weekend, I'm sure many were out in the glorious weather, basking
in those delightful sun raise, one could be forgiven for thinking summer has begun!

Not a chance, those wonderful few days were exactly that, with temperatures reaching
record heights of 89 F, the last record was in 1949! WOW, well, at least I was able to
take the opportunity, with the Cherry Blossom in full flower, and gardens looking lush. I
decided to wear my exquisite leather shorts, Fernando Berlin leather boots, and leather
gloves. With a classic crisp white shirt to complement my attire, brandishing my leather
crop, I was ready! I managed to snatch the last few hours of the beautiful sunshine, before
the chilly breeze set in for the coming week. My goodness, it's been so cold, I've actually
caught a cold! I'm sitting in my office with my tissues tucked in the palm of my hand!

At least I can say, with the overwhelming praise for my recent photos, it was worth it!

If you would like one high res image from the above set of 4, please
write to me at themistress@dominatrixannabelle.com I will be very happy to
send one to you without the watermarks displayed over my sexy leather clad body!

With my membership site, you certainly receive some great image galleries, along with my
audio stories based on real life experiences. Audio is definitely on the increase, and more and
more of you are complimenting me on the extension of one's experience before watching each
movie. I receive many wonderful letters of appreciation, in fact, many have expressed the
desire to write to me, but in the past have never had the courage until now. I encourage you to
write to me. My very latest letter is one I've picked out with his agreement to share with you.

This letter is incredibly appreciated, and it's from a member who shares the same
compelling thoughts with many others who have written to me over the years.

I have to say, it's these messages that certainly give me a real boost to continue
producing the great work. Thank you to all who have become members of my site.
I love the interaction I have with them, and I love receiving new members who find
my site refreshing, atmospheric, creative and exciting. That's what it's all about!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


13th January 2018!

New Year's Resolution????

Ok, here's the burning question, have you already broken your promise to start the
year with a membership to the Gym? It was reported on the radio this morning that
over 8 million in the UK have done exactly that. Now, I'm not sure where 'they' or
even 'who' 'they' are, coming up with this figure, but I can definitely believe it!

If you're needing a kick start, or you need an incentive to shed a few pounds,
do take a look at my Bourbon on Ice Newsletter, as I have provided a little taster
of what I would do with you if you were under my influence and guidance!!!

Bourbon on Ice

It's incredible to believe that here we are in January, it's the New Year, and
I know from social media just how miserable people are. The weather doesn't
provide us with the bounce we humans need, and we're still enduring those
reduced daylight hours, with very little sun to give us the spring in our step,
that we really need. Mmm . . . high winds, snow, relentless rain, damp! Oh dear!

On a positive note, I do hope my latest photos will at least bring a real smile
to your face, as well as a throb to your muscle between your thighs. Oh My!

This weekend, I do have a most erotic movie for you to feast your eyes over,
it's rather explicit, and I will be surprised if you last the distance. Perhaps this
could be the kick start you need for burning those extra calories you've gained.

I know what it's like, I know because I too love the Christmas cuisine, oh those
rich tasting turkey dinners with all the trimmings, puddings galore, with brandy
butter cream sauce, sweets, chocolates and deserts that entice your taste buds
to continuing feasting on those irresistible temptations.

And, now we have the price to pay for it!

Let's start the New Year, let's begin running out in the cold miserable weather!
Oh joy, yes it's enough to put you off when you poke your toasted toes out from
under your quilt, and you're instantly reminded of just what you're about to face!

No thank you very much! I'll think about it tomorrow!!!!

Is that you????? Yep and millions of others.

Mmm . . . . a little exercise to generate some sweat, let's get the blood flowing,
let's get that arm moving up and down, and your cock to ignite, ready to orbit.

Yes whatever you're doing, even when you sleep your body does in fact burn some
calories. So, if you wank a lot, you will burn more than if you don't wank, well, that
makes sense. So, what are you waiting for, get started before you get out of your bed!

Or, if you can't in bed, do it in the shower!!! At least it will provide you with a lovely
wake up, as you release your full sacks and empty them, so they're completely spent!

Don't forget to check out my latest updates page, and remember, if you wish to
Serve Me, you may by simply joining my very personal website site.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


10th December 2017

Merry Christmas, and here's to a whip cracking 2018!

Yes it's that time of the year, and I must say, whilst I can't believe
yet again how time is slipping away so quickly, I want to wish you all
a super Merry Christmas and here's to a whip cracking 2018! I'm sure
many of you are looking forward to enjoying a little rest and relaxation,
while indulging in those forbidden and unforgiving rich tasting festive
treats, without worrying about our waistlines! Mmm . . . wishful thinking,
is it not?! I know, as I love Christmas pudding with custard, mince pies,
apple crumble, or my favourite chocolates, Roses and Quality Streets!

Discipline guys, yes that includes the women too, we all need discipline
in order to achieve anything, and one of our greatest enemies is the
temptation of decadent luxurious cuisine! Those aromatic flavours
enticing our taste buds as we enter restaurants, patisseries, and coffee
houses with their decorative displays of calorific rich tasting sweets.

By January, we're pretty much all heading off to the gym with our
new years resolution gripped firmly in the palm of our hand! Yes that's
figuratively speaking, as we clench our fingers into a tight fist with our
faces pulling the determined expression, in a bid to convince . . . who
exactly . . . ? Oh yes, I know this trend so very well, as I see and hear
the same speech every year!!! Now if you think it's easy for me,
think again! I indulge, and I pay for it as I burn and shed those
extra unwanted calories, and it's hard, very hard!

If you want some encouragement, and you need a helping
hand, well, the first thing you need to do is be committed. There's
no point in saying, I'll start tomorrow, as tomorrow will never come!

I'm more than happy to start you off, and if you're wanting me to
work out a plan in order to help you through, getting fit, and yes I'm
happy to put together a bespoke fitness routine based around your
particular circumstances, then write to me;


There will be a small tribute for my time, as planning a structured
fitness programme to suit 'you' will require some effort and time on my
part, especially if you want to see results! Naturally, the results will
only come if you're prepared to stick to my instructions! It won't be easy!

I'm looking forward to taking you through to the New Year with my
latest exploits, and boy there are some eye catching, muscle tingling
cum exploding movies for you to feast your eyes over, not to mention
giving you a most orgasmic cum shot.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Saturday, 11th November 2017

The bitter cold mornings, freezing air temperatures and shorter
daylight hours! Yes winter is almost upon us, and Christmas is just on
our door step. It never ceases to amaze me when the 1st September arrives,
my initial thoughts are of planning and preparing for Halloween. It always feels
as though I'm a little too quick off the mark, yet before I've had a chance to
complete my special festive movie, the season is behind us! How does that happen?!

Well, it's not too difficult to realise that maintaining a website certainly has it's ups
and downs, the downs are more technical than anything! The ups are the continual flow
of incredible feedback from my genuine and supportive members. For that I'm truly
appreciative of. Websites are time consuming, hence why I'm always feeling as though
time whizzes past at a gazillion miles an hour without having the chance for my feet to
touch the ground! Whilst my creative thoughts continue to gush, my mind races
through the various tasks I wish to complete, and one task is almost nearing it's
final touches. If you've not already guessed, I'm talking about my 3rd Edition of
My Advent Calendar for 2017! Yes it is a bonus on top of my usual updates!

Advent Calendar 2017

Open up something new every day from the 1st December to Christmas Day!
What a treat, and what a lovely "pick me up" to have during one of the coldest
months of the year! I will be expecting quite a lot from you, mmm . . . more
in particular from your wrist!!! So start, flexing, as you'll have a long marathon
ahead of you, and if I should see you out and about wearing a wrist support . . .

I will know why!!!!

Now for those who love stiletto boots, then you'll share my thoughts!

Here's a few of my latest photos that for me are incredibly sexy, stimulating,
erotic and gorgeously feminine! I do love seeing a stiletto boot peering from
beneath a pencil skirt, with one heel up in readiness for a slave to worship!

Don't you just love that pose?! Of course you do!


Here it is again!

Mmm now just imagine you're kneeling before me licking my stiletto boots clean!

I know, this is where you belong, outside naked, following my leather booted
footsteps around my grounds. Continuing to clean them every time I rest!

Here I am in my gorgeous latex outfit, again wearing the same pair of
stiletto boots with pink soles. I'm taking a little walk up the steps to the
grounds at the back of my Manor. This is where I will lead you into my
dense woodland. Oh how you would thoroughly enjoy your time with me!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Monday, 21st August 2017

August is the month for Corsets!

I've been overwhelmed by the many superlatives used over my latest
images of me squeezed into a size 18 inch corset! Whilst I've been wearing them
on and off for years, it still doesn't get any easier! Oh the love I have for corsets
far out weighs the stresses my body goes through in order to fit into one! I bet I can
speak for many women when I say this! They are certainly worth the immense effort!

There's nothing quite like slipping on a traditional pair of fully fashioned nylon seamed
stockings, fastening them into a ten strap suspender belt. My lacy black knickers, exquisite
leather opera gloves, and my gorgeous satin corset with lace detail. Gosh, what an image!

All of my corsets have been immensely popular, and for me it's impossible to select a
favourite, as I love them all. My latest brown leather clincher corset is perfect for the
Equestrian look, with the crisp white blouse, cream colour jodhpurs, and stunning
leather boots. WOW the variety in outfits is just superb. I don't think I could ever
stop adding to my wardrobe. I do love selecting things that are pleasing to the eye!

If there is a particular corset you have a preference to, please let me know.

Meanwhile, wherever you are, I do hope you're having a sizzling HOT summer!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Tuesday, 1st August 2017

Latest Updates, Exploits and What's around the corner!

Summer sun, bathing in the heat while adorned in a sizzling sexy bikini!

Mmm, not quite! May and June turned out to be gorgeous with temperatures
reaching 30 degrees! However, July has been a little disappointing. In fact, so far I've
managed to film during stormy weather, high winds that have produced fallen twigs and
branches, and spectacular thunderstorms. My garden now looks as though we're in the
middle of our Autumn season with a blanket of leaves covering the mature gardens!

Of course, I will always take every opportunity to film outside when the weather is
relatively good. During the more stormy occasions, I've had to work that much harder
with editing the sound track so we can enjoy the beautiful crisp thwacks from my whip!

Our natural weather conditions, stunning country scenery with noisy sheep, and the farmer
hooting his horn a gazillion times, certainly provides an interesting background ambiance!

This week's movie provides a most powerful, intense, and incredibly moody atmosphere,
as I managed to capture my session with hobson during a marvelous thunderstorm.

It's funny as two days prior to the filming, I was up during the early hours of the morning
working on a story for my next gentleman's rendezvous. As I was typing away, with my
creative juices flowing, the first crack of thunder reverberated. It took about a minute for
me to consider switching everything off. My goodness, I'm so pleased I did. Within two
minutes of me unplugging the router, and switching off the computers, there came an
almighty loud bang. Lightning had struck, hitting the Manor with such force, it knocked
out the power. There came the most powerful rumble of thunder making it's wrath known!

My only disappointment was not catching the lightning strike on camera, if only I knew.
Well, fast forward by two days and the thunderous stormy weather had returned.
Mmm . . I'm sure you can imagine, my cameras were ready and filming began outside
my imposing black wrought iron gates. Torrential rain, wind and muggy temperatures,
add unstable air rising, and one has the perfect ingredients for a thunderstorm to develop!

Of course, it's not advisable to be out in it, oh the things I do for my Art, like getting
soaking wet! I really cannot complain, as I get such a kick from creating something truly
atmospheric. My excitement always starts when the seed is sown. I get an idea and
then it develops from there. When hobson arrived, he had no idea what was in store for
him. My goodness, he certainly got quite a surprise. I told him wait at the bottom of the
brick steps and stand outside my candlelit lair. No time for tea, I wanted to capture our
session while the storm was still present. Flames flickered casting eerie shadows
and you can clearly hear the heavy relentless rain pouring, and the distinct claps of
thunder. As hobson entered, his breathing became heavier, as he could feel the tension.

Now this movie is coming on Friday, and it's just over 22 minutes, so it's definitely one
that you won't want to rush, in other words, listen to my audio piece before playing
the movie while still inside the site. The movies are not a quick fix, they really are
for savouring each moment, like relishing the rich signature taste of fine wine!

Take in my quintessential English voice providing you with a little taste
of what you're about to witness. Listen to the audio build up, the visuals, and
watch how this story unfolds. This could be you living out your fantasy, and you
can put yourself in each situation, imagine being right there with me, under my
influence and control. It starts with me speaking direct to you, giving you
instructions, so you are fully prepared, before you play the movie.

Now one thing you will notice with this movie, is the way in which pain
really is pleasure! So don't feel too sorry for dear hobson. Although his cries
are penetrating, his cock demonstrates a very positive reaction to my undivided
attention! One would be very right in thinking I'm loving every minute of it!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Striking, stunning, super figure hugging attire!

I'm often asked, what is my favourite outfit? I can't answer that with
a straight answer as it really depends on what I'm doing and whom I'm
with. My preference will usually be determined by a particular session.

If I'm out in my stables, then it's a choice of denim jeans or leather pants
with crisp white open button blouse and lace up leather boots. Of course
my outfit is enhanced with accessories such as vintage spurs, leather
gloves, gorgeous necklace, lipstick and my hair styled in a particular way.

If I'm with a gentleman who simply loves to have the more traditional
hardcore BDSM session, I'm often wearing my traditional leather outfits,
or my sensational sexy latex. I'm always on the look out for stylish
Fetish clothes, and it's incredible what I can find just by looking online!

If you have a preference, and you would like to see more of me in
a Fetish outfit, write to me at themistress@dominatrixannabelle.com.

What is thought provoking for you? What stimulates your mind, thus
stimulates the muscle between your thighs? Do you have a favourite
role play scenario. Are there certain things that really set your creative
juices flowing? What type of music do you enjoy listening to? Does music
influence your choice of style? Mmm . . . whenever I dress in my denim
jeans, leather jacket, gloves and boots, I think of the old Country and
Western and sometimes Jazz. If it's a very hot summers day, Jazz is
soooo incredibly soothing, sensual and it just hits the spot!

We're now into May, and the my gardens are looking incredibly
lush. Last week's update with the Cherry Blossom in the background
was a sensational hit with my members, not surprising as I was
adorned in my exquisite leather outfit, with the most gorgeous leather
boots with dusky pink soles. The signature creaking sound of leather
really hit the spot with so many of you. Rest assured, I will be creating
more leather fetish movies outside over the coming months!

The Disciplinarian!

This particular outfit is causing a real stir, incredibly thought provoking
with my clincher corset bringing my tiny waist to 20 inches. My pinstripe
full length skirt with lace detail is soooo sexy, and when I sit and reveal
my exquisite leather boots, I feel it gives an austere look. A sensual, yet
strict Disciplinarian, ready to take you under my wing, to guide you.

Oh I'm always exceptionally good at looking after my boys!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Thursday, 2nd March 2017

My Latest Leather Catsuit!

WOW, what an overwhelming response to my latest
photo of me adorned in my stunning leather catsuit!

I was immensely relieved to find that I could squeeze into a UK4,
of course I did have a little trouble doing up the zip! No surprise there!!!

A truly sensational figure hugging leather catsuit that feels so snug, warm
and wonderful to touch! I can only imagine what was racing through my
gentleman's mind when I swung open my front door!!! Oh to be in heaven!

I'm looking forward to sharing not just our rendezvous in an audio story,
but the video footage I caught while in my candlelit lair full of mystic and
promise! This movie I know will have you bursting from your metal chastity!

I'm now so utterly delighted with my latest arrival, it's my latex catsuit
with zip front detail, another striking and SEXY outfit! As soon as I have
an opportunity I will be capturing some exquisite shots for you to feast
your eyes over! Thank you so much phil, I can't wait to send you a photo!

For now, here is the photo that has caused many followers via my
Twitter and Face Book page to go wild with compliments! Enjoy!

More photos to come very soon on the Members site!

Don't forget to catch up on my After Dark Audio stories, based on real
life experiences. When you plug your ears in, sit back with your favourite
drink, just close your eyes and sink into my heavenly abyss of Audio Erotica!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


29th January 2017

The glorious sun is still shining and I must say,
we've been very fortunate to have a relatively dry winter
thus far, here in the south east of England. But I wonder
how the next few months will pan out, and if we'll be blessed
with the deep blue skies and plenty of sunshine! I am looking
forward to Spring very much with the warmer weather!

I cannot thank you enough for your continued praise and support,
not just for my atmospheric movies, but for my After Dark Audio
erotica on the Members Exclusive page! It's fast becoming a real
favourite among many of you, and I can certainly see why!

My latest Summer Femme Fatale story, as with most of the others, are
absolutely true. So if any of you are wondering, yes the whole exercise
of my audio is to share my real life experiences with you. It's been
a phenomenal project, as so many have responded positively, as well
as being able to relate to some of it. We all have our unique tastes and
desires for a particular Fetish, and I will continue to bring as much of
my experience to you right here in my Inner Sanctum.

I do encourage you to write to me with your experiences, so if you
are wishing to share your story with me, I will be very happy to
read them. Although I will just say, if you're wanting a response,
please do bear with me, as I get in-undated with messages every day.

We're fast approaching the end of January, how time flies! Do keep
a watchful eye open for my latest updates, and remember, with every
movie that I upload, you will first have the option of listening to my
audio, giving you an insight into how my visitor arrived at my
manor and how I took care of him in my own inimitable way!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


30th December 2016

Here's to a Whip Cracking 2017!

Thank you to all my loyal members and supporters for your
continued encouragement and praise for the work I continue to
produce, it's most appreciated, not to mention it spurs me on!

2017 is set to be another cracking year, as I have plenty in the
pipe-line to keep your penis throbbing, and balls fit for bursting!


I'm in the process of giving the site a fresh new look, and again, it's
that time of year when all background work, maintenance and
upgrades will be taking place in order to keep the site running at
optimised performance, so that you may continue to view and enjoy
my content with ease. All background work that takes place will not
cause any disruption to your viewing. If you should find any links
not working, please remember to press Control F5 to re-cache the
page, this action will enable you to take advantage of the new
design, as well as provide you with the right links.

Now for those who are members, please go back to the free pages
on the site and read the contact page. It is important that you do, so
you are aware of what to do should you have any problems accessing
the site. Naturally it's on the free page, outside the members area for
those who experience trouble accessing the site via the log-in page.

If you really do not know the page I'm referring to, please click
the following link. However, before you do, please note this link will
take you outside the members area, so you may need to log back in
if you wish to continue viewing the members site. I am making this
abundantly clear so there are no misunderstandings!


Yes you may be surprised to learn that there are some who
find it very difficult to follow even the simplest of instructions,
and I cannot fathom how this can be, especially when they appear
to be intelligent, haha, appearances can be quite deceiving. Oh yes!

I would also like to remind those impatient few that Christmas Day
and Boxing Day are indeed holidays! In fact, they are for many regarded
as sacracent! So, if you're one who expects me to be at my computer
waiting for your email to come in, shame on you, and expect to receive
your well deserved punishment. If you've had trouble accessing the site
during these festive two days, because you're using one of those
ridiculously small touch screens and so you've locked yourself out, well
that's tough bloody luck!!! Please take a look at the contact page so you
know what to do! And do so without being under the influence of alcohol!

Yes it's amazing how one can really screw things up when one has a
very fuzzy brain, and one's eye sight has been impaired considerably!

Whilst I am here for you, you can go a long way by helping yourself
first. I have provided instructions of what to do here on the site.
Don't be lazy and take the easy option, as by contacting me first, before
carrying out a few simple steps, could be far more time consuming in
the long run! If all else fails, then by all means, please get in touch!

The above message that has been spelled out clearly is really only
for the one or two who do need a step by step guide, actually they're
more in dire need of an idiot proof guide of what to do, and I'm sure
the same would apply in their every day lives, from needing a
mother's hand for holding a spoon, to cleaning their filthy bottoms!

Anyway, I digress, the message is there to make things as clear as
possible in order to help you gain access as quickly as possible!

On a most positive note, I have been overwhelmed with praise
and appreciation for my personal touch, not just with the site, and
my continued creativity, but for providing a personal response
to everyone's messages. I cannot abide by automated replies and
I do not agree with passing it on to another to respond on my
behalf. I love what I do and I get a real kick out of those who
genuinely appreciate my expertise and advice.

Long may you continue to get a real thrill from the work I produce,
and long may you continue to receive many hours of erotic pleasure.

Now, the downside to me responding to each and every message is
the delay in getting my reply. That said, I will always do my very
best to respond within 24-48 hours of your received message.

If you should not receive a response within this time frame, and I
will advise to leave it until after 48 hours have lapsed, then please
drop me a gentle reminder. It's quite possible your mail has slipped
my rather slippery net, or you've gone straight through to my spam
filter. I do receive over 700 messages and emails a day!!!

I know 2016 will be like Marmite, you will have either loved this
year, or absolutely hated it, and looking forward to seeing the back of it.
What I will say is it's been an eventful year, especially with the Brexit
vote, Trump and the Italian referendum, which incidentally seems to
have been brushed under the carpet, hushed up!!! Do you know what's
really going on, conspiracy theories, I have a few of my own!!!!

And, of course, we say goodbye to many well known public faces,
I won't run through the long list, as I'm mindful of the fact that some
are not as well known as others. Let's hope 2017 will be a better year!

Enjoy celebrating the New Year in, raise your glass and smile!


All my love and very best wishes!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


21st October 2016

Firstly, I would like to thank all who have sent in
their continued appreciation letters for the movies I've been
producing, it's an absolute pleasure! I have a tremendous amount
of stunning autumnal shots taken outside, and the movies continue
to bring more fun and erotica to our screens! Long may you continue
to enjoy, and receive many, many hours of sheer pleasure!

Just to advise, site maintenance will be taking place in the background,
however, this will NOT affect the smooth running of the members pages,
or interrupt your viewing whatsoever to the members site. All movies
can be viewed, while you feast your eyes over my latest updates!

Due to website maintenance, this means next Friday's update of
Autumnal Leather Boot Erotica will appear on the members site by
tomorrow. Yes it will be early, this is to ensure you do not miss out,
while maintenance is going on. Don't forget to check out my latest
section called Pain or Pleasure, there are tasks listed and will become
available over the coming weeks. Find out what it's all about by
clicking the link on the members site!

In order to keep my site right up to date, as well as maintaining
integrity and authenticity, I have purchased an SSL Certificate.
This means when you view my site, you will see the green padlock
appear on the left side of the URL address. If you see a circle with
the letter i in the middle, all you need to do is change www. or
http to https://dominatrixannabelle.com

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) is a combination
of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with the Secure Socket Layer
(SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. TLS is an authentication
and security protocol widely implemented in browsers and Web servers

I want to continue bringing you exciting new content each week
on an authenticated and secure site. I also have high protocol
security software for the members site, to protect your
username and passwords.

Keep watching for my latest updates!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


17th September 2016

GOSH here we are at the start of Autumn, and despite the
weather forecasters saying there are little signs of this picturesque
season appearing, my goodness, my gardens paint a different picture!
The lawns are covered in a thick blanket of deep rustic fallen leaves.

The crisp dry foliage is perfect for some autumnal bondage play, and
providing the weather stays dry, I won't mind the colder conditions as
it gives me the perfect opportunity of wearing my stunning Fur and
Leather outfits. I never need an excuse for being wrapped in luxurious
outfits, but it certainly makes it more comfortable during the Autumn
and Winter seasons. How I absolutely love this time of year! I have some
fantastic movies shot outside last week, waiting to be edited and uploaded,
for you to feast your eyes over. How I wish there were more hours in the day!

It's a most exciting time, as I'm currently working on a new project for the
members site, you may have a sneak preview via the Updates page, click
'Pleasure and Pain' and make sure you have your headphones at the ready!

Now, I must crack on, as I have a lot to do!!!

Have a truly orgasmic weekend, and I look forward to you continuing
to wank hard for me, while enjoying my decadent concoction of EROTICA!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


26th July 2016

Oh how the fun, laughter, bloopers and exploits continue!

Where to begin, as so much has happened since my last written update.
The problem I have is having profiles in various places, such as Face Book and
Twitter, and while I continue to keep you up-to-date via these fantastic social
platforms, there are times when my blog is left behind, and not deliberately!

Summer is now upon us, and I've been producing some cracking content, the
response from members has been overwhelming with praise. Thank you so much.

Over the last few months, the weather has produced some incredible thunderstorms,
and I've taken every opportunity of capturing them on film, creating atmospheric scenes.

Mother of Sadism and Biker George have caused a real stir among my members, and the
feed back . . . well what can I say, other than WOW. It's been worth the time, effort and
attention to detail to receive such wonderful letters of appreciation.

I'm now shooting in 4K, as well as using my Go Pro, capturing some fantastic shots.
I will always enjoy the creative side of filming, enhancing sound tracks, whilst
giving you an inside view of what goes on inside my discrete dungeon, gardens,
paddocks and woodland. And, if the opportunity arises, I will film on location, such
as the beach, taking a stroll around the parks, or shopping!

Now this leads me on to my recent hysterical adventure in London last week!
Yes would you believe it, I frog marched the vicar into the public toilets at a
train station, announcing to all who happened to be within ear shot, that I need
to change his catheter. To his utter surprise, and before he could say another
word, his pants were around his ankles, and while I had the smile of a Cheshire cat,
I proceeded to strap an electric cock zapper around his cock and balls!

Throughout the entire day, I caught him mimicking a startled cat, flinching,
wincing, recoiling, vaulting and tripping over his platypus feet with his willowy
fingers spread wide, while his mouth gaped wide open. If he had hair it would
stand to attention. I've caught him nearly swallowing his cigarette while prancing
along the pavement. The vicar is caught on the tube, tripping up the escalators,
and jolting erratically in designer stores!

My little gray box with switch and aerial has a connectivity distance of up to
80 feet! Now that's pretty impressive, especially when one has no idea of
when I could just press the little button to give him quite a zap!

I will be uploading the movie next week, so do keep a watchful eye open!

Well, I will be giving you a more in depth account of what's happening, and
what's on the horizon via my Bourbon on Ice newsletter. If you've not subscribed,
do let me know and I will add you to the list. My personal email is as follows:



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


27th May 2016

It's that Friday feeling, I do hope you all have a superb bank holiday weekend.
Don't forget to check out my latest Bourbon on Ice newsletter, as there's a lot to catch
up on and find out what I've been up to and what I'm planning in the coming months.

I would like to convey my special thanks to the mailman, who is currently helping me
with a project. My dear mailman has been up to his eyes with sticky glue getting into a
real mess! But it's all in a very good cause, and I'm looking forward to indulging further
very soon! Let's just say, it's all about having a lot of extra fun while inside the members area!

I would also like to thank anthony for displaying his peachy buttocks yesterday for another
wickedly debauched session, and watching him sitting down in a restaurant later on!

I do believe anthony has set a new record reaching 350 thwacks from my Senior Dragon cane!
A thoroughly deserved thrashing that not only created a striking set of neat welts across his
peachy cheeks, it did me the power of good and I felt truly wonderful afterwards!!!!

Note to self, must do it again and soon!

It was quite funny, as anthony tried desperately not to display his sheer appreciation
for receiving a good arse fucking after his caning. The pleasurable groans coming from his
toffee noise mouth were evident, as he increased tempo rapidly while gyrating his hips in
synch, with the vibration sensation of my dildo! The final thrust forced his orgasm to spurt!

What a filthy old man he is, and the laugh I had while he tried to sit down for lunch,
it was hysterical. I only wished I had taken a photo of him, or had my Go Pro with me!

Have a superb day, whatever you're doing!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


20th April 2016

My Personal Repertoire of Fetish Erotica!

Over the years of building this site, I have been fortunate to
meet many appreciative people who have shared their experiences,
divulged their stories and enjoyed my movies of BDSM and Fetish Erotica!

It gives me great pleasure to have the ability to provide an Inner Sanctum,
a very personal and private area within the Members site, for us to visit, as
and when we like in the comfort of our own privacy. For my genuine Members
who fully appreciate the work that goes into the movies I produce, I'm really
packing in a punch every month with a Special Edition HD movie, plus audio
stories, based on real life experiences, with image galleries to scroll
through at your own leisurely pace.

If you would like to find out more, click Members Exclusive!

Every so often I will be taking a trip down memory lane, giving you an
insight into my pastime, how I became the person I am today, why I have
such a deep passion for leather outfits and leather stiletto boots.

If you love the quintessential English voice, seducing your turgid muscle,
then you will love sinking into my heavenly abyss of pure decadent Fetish Erotica!
The beauty of my audio, is you can listen to it while you're on the train, or at
home, or while you're on the road for any length of time!

And, you can listen to me in private while your ears are plugged!

If you haven't already and you would like to hear my voice, then
click Stiletto Fever, whack up the volume, sit back and indulge!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


8th March 2016

WOW, Spring is here and I can't wait to get outside
and shoot some HOT movies for you! The weather is looking
good for the weekend, and today there is real warmth in the sun!

That's got to be good, not just for our well being, but we're now fast
approaching longer daylight hours! I'm currently working on a couple
of areas outside, so that I can continue to bring FRESH NEW content
to the members area. Not only will I be filming more erotic Alfresco style
movies, but I will be getting into the Equestrian spirit, adorned in cream
coloured jodhpurs, leather boots, crops, tweed jackets and leather gloves!

I'm very excited about my latest atmospheric movies created in my
candlelit lair at my Manor. I've had a tremendous flood of messages from
members who have been soooo erotically teased, they're gagging for more!

Rest assured for all, I will continue with the high production values, bringing
to you real experiences, depth, and a richness of seduction! I love to share
with you a story, to demonstrate how one's journey begins with me, and
how they fulfill their fantasies! I love to focus on my fetish attire, as well as
the esoteric Arts of BDSM and Role Play.

Thank you to all for your continual letters of support and appreciation
for the work I've produced since the beginning! It's truly amazing!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


23rd February 2016

Spring is nearly here!!!

I'm sure you've been noticing quite a change with the site,
the layout is a little different, providing easy access to popular links,
providing compatibility with mobile phones and tablets, whilst
continuing to keep you up-to-date with my latest exploits!

The Office Seductress movies have been a huge success with so
many of you, and yes I will continue to keep adding them to the site,
as well as continuing to shoot sessions in my foreboding dungeon!

I can definitely see the attraction to the Office Seductress when I'm dressed
in the most sexy lacy bodice, with suspenders and fully fashioned nylon seamed
stockings and thigh stiletto boots! The movie to these photos is located here!

If you've not taken the opportunity of listening to my audio to Stiletto Fever,
please do so, and let me know if this is the type of Fetish that appeals to you!

Stiletto Fever!

I'm still waiting to receive my Equestrian leather boots, but when
they do arrive, I will be putting them on and making sure they are well
and truly christened!!! And with the weather warming up that brings
a big smile to my face, as it means more outside movies to produce!

I will be writing up a full length Newsletter, giving you full details of
my latest movies, they are exciting, incredibly erotic and intense!

I really can't wait to share them with you!














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