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Welcome to my special 4th Edition Advent Calendar 2018!

WOW a VERY BIG Thank you to all my Members for your compliments for
My 2018 Calendar. I can say it was a real success! Watch out for 2019!!!

All four of my Advent Calendars remain on the members site for you to
indulge at your leisure. I hope you have a whip cracking New Year!

From the 1st December, you will be able to open up something new every day, bringing more visual delights for you to indulge in. As previously stated, it is my way of saying a very BIG thank you for your membership support. I have been overwhelmed with praise for the work I produce, long may I continue to bring a smile to your face!

My calendar will have short audio stories, pictures and puzzles for you to complete. Remember, it's a bonus for December, a little something to enjoy every day until Christmas Day.

The messages that are often conveyed express appreciation for how my content gets better and better, year after year. Well, I certainly aim to achieve this every time, as I receive so much pleasure from creating something new for you. It's all about stimulating the mind, delving deep into the psyche, whilst pushing those delightful boundaries. I want to achieve vibrant dynamics triggering all the senses, unravelling a myriad of wonderful layers that for many have remained hidden for years!

What I love the most is opening up your mind, and one of the best ways of doing this is through role play. The scenarios I create often reflect past experiences, and the movies I produce are from genuine sessions, to provide you with a real insight into how I interact with my gentleman friends. When you enter my site, I look forward to you feeling that much closer to me. There are many who come here to escape their every day treadmill. I love bringing you to a place of decadent debauchery, it's like peeling the layers from an onion, each layer brings a burst of rich flavours to your taste buds, feeding you nuggets of fulfillment.

So, with that I wish you a very Merry Christmas and here's to a Whip Cracking New Year - WOW 2019 is right on the horizon!


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