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Lady of the Manor, Equestrian Lady, Dominatrix!


Another year is almost over, and we're fast approaching our most exciting time of the year! Mmm . . . I can imagine
the delight, as your eyes sparkle, glistening with glee at the very thought of you prizing open the 1st of December
to see what pleasures await you! Patience is a virtue! My Advent Calendar of 2017 will be my third Edition, and it's
my way of saying a very BIG thank you to all who have truly supported me for the right reasons, by becoming
a Member of this site and serving me, your FemDomme Goddess, The Lady of the Manor, The Disciplinarian!

There are many Arts that I have become conversant in, such as Judicial Caning, and I don't mean just belting out the
cane in a disorderly fashion. No, it's more than that, it's controlling each thwack delivering it with precision, the right
intensity, starting off slowly, building momentum and strength. However, if there is one part of being a FemDomme
that I had to say I specialise in, it would be Role Play. Being creative with the mind, delving deep into one's psyche
whilst pushing those delectable boundaries. I thoroughly enjoy re-creating a fantasy, and using descriptive
words, providing you with a mental image of how you will experience your session with me.

This is what my Members site is all about. Real Life Experiences with my gentleman friends, capturing role play
scenarios on film and then enhancing the audio to enrich your viewing experience. So many of you have been
thrilled with the extra audio provided before each movie. It's an added dimension to help you feel that much
closer to me. Yes I'm talking directly to you! There are times when I add one's name into the audio, and yes, the
names are real, they are genuine Members who I've included into the experience. For those who visit me for
a real session, when they have become a Member, they're able to relive their time with me, with a huge smile!

If you are still thinking of dipping your toes into this decadent world of BDSM and Fetish, but feel a little out of
your depth, please drop me a letter. There's no rush, I'm happy to just read your thoughts, and if you do decide
to push forward. I'm confident you won't look back! If you're not already a Member, then I do recommend you
joining, as it will provide you with a real insight into the way I conduct my sessions! There are movies that
are full of fun, they're erotic, sensually stimulating, visually pleasing to the eye as well as the muscle between
your thighs. Naturally, not all movies will be for everyone, as there are some that are likely to make
your eyes water! If you're not into pain, that's quite alright. Not all are masochistic!

My Advent Calendar is a Bonus for December, you will get to open up something new
every day until Christmas Day! This does not replace my usual movie updates!

Here are the titles published on my Advent Calendar 2017!

1st December - A Cold and Frosty Morning!

2nd December - Hungry Eyes!

3rd December - A Bouquet of Red Roses!

4th December - Rawhide!

5th December - Exquisite Lingerie!

6th December - A Passionate Office Bitch!

7th December - Back to Black Latex!

8th December - Mon Ami est la Crème de la Crème!

9th December - A Little Black Magic in Autumn!

10th December - A Touch of Seduction!

11th December - Darkness Awakens!

12th December - "Get Fit with Lady Annabelle at her Leather Stiletto Boot Camp!"

13th December - Brain and Muscle Teasing Word Game!

14th December - Cream Jodhpurs and Leather Boots!

15th December - Another Thought Provoking Puzzle!

16th December - A Winters Tale!

17th December - Boots, Buckles and Spurs!

18th December - Christmas Delights!

19th December - Femme Fatale Extraordinaire!

20th December - A Gentleman's Rendezvous!

21st December - Silky Nylon Seamed Stockings!

22nd December - A Feast for one's Eyes! Part 1.

23rd December - A Feast for one's Eyes! Part 2

24th December - Serving his Goddess! is his ultimate accolade!

25th December - Special Thank you!


On that note, I very much look forward to seeing you inside!


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