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Lady of the Manor, Equestrian Lady, Dominatrix!




Another year has flown by, and we're very close to celebrating Christmas Day!

Last year I launched my first Membership Advent Calendar, and I was overwhelmed with
letters and messages of appreciation as my Calendar surpassed everyone's expectations!

With it's success, and as my way of saying THANK YOU to all of my loyal members,
I've produced another Advent Calendar for 2016! I would like to share with you some of
my favourite moments, stunning images, and I will drop in the odd video teaser and
audio story! Now of course, as always, I will expect you to have your throbbing muscle
in the palm of your hand ready for a thoroughly good old fashioned wank!

Now with you wanking every day, you may need to purchase a wrist support, as
with all the wanking you'll be doing for the entire month of December, you're going
to need it. And, if I should spot you wearing one while I'm out and about, I will know
what you've been up to!!! But of course, if you're ambidextrous, then you'll be able to
share the load between each hand, thereby halfing your chance of exhausting yourself!

I wish you a most enjoyable December full of orgasmic cum shots!



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