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My extensive wardrobe is filled with stunning outfits, in exquisite leather,
sumptuous lingerie, striking latex, PVC and Fur. My sublime stiletto shoes and
thigh & crotch leather boots complete my attire for you to feast your eyes over!

I have the most impressive range of gorgeous leather gloves in many
styles, colours and lengths! To see my full collection, simply take a look at
my preview gallery page and indulge in my breath-taking attire!


Stiletto Leather Boots & Shoes

As you will see, my designer stiletto shoes and boots range from Gucci,
Louis Vuitton, Fernando Berlin, Christian Louboutin, Anna Dello Russo, Guess,
Zara, Carvela, Kurt Geiger, Top Shop, River Island, Ted Baker, Calvin Klein,
Miss Sixty, Office, 1969 Italy and more . . !

Leather Gloves

My exquisite leather gloves range from Dents, Chester Jefferies, Gucci, Christian Dior,
Ted Baker, COS, Alexandra Bartlett, Jasper Conran, Top Shop, Miss Sixty,
Michael Kors, Jobis, Antonio Murolo, Zara, Mercer & Madison, and more . . . !

My entire collection of gorgeous outfits, gloves and stilettos are for my
enjoyment and for my slaves to worship in every way I deem appropriate!

Simply heaven, simply stunning, simply divine!

Sumptuous Fur!

As seen in the photo to your left, fur is another stunning garment to wear.
It's feels so soft against my silky skin. It keeps me so warm and cosy in the winter,
and it looks simply divine with leather. I have started to acquire a collection
of sumptuous fur coats, jackets, gloves, scarfs, wraps and hats!

Skirts, Trousers & Dresses!

Oh you can be sure to see me adorned in the most exquisite leather,
PVC, Silk, Satin and Latex, in varying colours and styles, all with one thing
in mind, and that is they simply fit my figure while accentuating my divine curves!

Corsets & Basques

Just look at my stunning red leather corset! The quality of leather is superb along
with the intricate stitching. This also applies to my stunning range of PVC, Silk and
Satin Corsets in red, black, ivory, sky, turquoise, peach and almond. Incredibly
erotic and seductive. Capturing the essences of burlesque.


Black and Red Latex bespoke to My figure hugging measurements.
Fantastically sexy, hot and highly erotic.

Spiked Warrior Queen

Striking Black PVC and Stainless Steel costume.

Combat Military

Genuine British Army kevlar helmet, DPM camo, Desert Camo,
Combat Boots, T-shirts, belts & Camouflage netting.

German General's Uniform

For the ultimate interrogation fantasy!
I lock you up in My cage, using military style examination techniques,
while creating a deep psychological intensity, leading up to a breathtaking finale!

Leather and PVC Jackets

I have a superb collection of stylish leather jackets in many colours! White,
black, electric blue, yellow, cream, tan, beige, sky blue, and brown!

My black PVC jackets are superbly designed with studs and zips to give
style and elegance, whilst creating an impressive and elegant look!

Equestrian Attire

My quality thick tweed jackets give the ultimate look and feel for the
Equestrian Lady. Brown leather buttons, timelessly chic in rich wool. Three
button detail at each cuff. Gorgeous red silk lining with intricate stitching!

My stunning figure hugging wool and leather jodhpurs in cream and tan,
are ideal for when I'm out hacking across the beautiful countryside.

Vintage Spurs, Whips, Crops and leather Boots complete this stunning attire!


Dominatrix, Equestrian, Prison Officer, Lady of the Manor, Dog Trainer,
Office Bitch, School Mistress, Therapist, Strict Aunt, Sadistic Nurse, Policewoman.

I have the perfect outfits to suit every role play mentioned above as well as the
perfect locations! If you are wishing to experience the Equestrian Lady while being
exposed outside in my stables, then my manor in Kent is the ideal location!

Sumptuous Lingerie

Old fashion nylon seam stockings in nude, bitter chocolate, black, charcoal gray
and shades of browns with 4, 6 & 10 strap suspenders, balconette bras, lace, silk and
cotton thongs. Basques, & corsets, all in a wonderful variety of materials,
such as: silk, satin, suede & leather.


Ultra-Sexy figure-hugging long, short, and tiny Cotton & PVC dresses.


I have a fantastic range of toys and equipment to suit your individual desires and
fantasies! The list below is by no means exhaustive, as I am ALWAYS adding to my
superb collection of impressive equipment! So if there is something you enjoy and
is not listed, please ask. I will be very happy to confirm either way!


Kali's Teeth - WOW!!

Ouchhh . . . Just imagine having your throbbing, aching cock encased by metal
teeth, while Lady Annabelle encourages it to grow inside! The bitter sweet of
it all, as I torment and tease your cock, while you try desperately to
avoid the inevitable, the excruciating pain!

A superb set of Sounds in 16 sizes!

If you love to have your urethra stretched, then look no further, as I have
the perrrfect set of Sounds to intensify your feelings inside your throbbing phallus!

Four Shocking Cattle Prods!

For those who simply love to see the sparks really fly from your cock & balls!

Leather Whips!

Bull Whip, Deluxe Dressage Whips, Lunge Whip, Several Cat 'O' Nine Tails,
and Single Whip. All designed to have a sting in it's leathery tail!

Paddles, Crops & Canes!

Heavy duty rubber Paddles, Crops and Canes including several different types of
Dragon Canes up to the heaviest, a Senior grade for the ultimate in judicial
caning, while you're bent over my cast iron whipping bench!

Ball Stretchers!

Using solid lead weights with a leather parachute spiked belt
to clasp your swollen, aching cum filled balls!

Cock & Ball!

Leather, Rubber and Metal rings to clasp them extremely tight
and / or to split your balls! Mmm . . . now how tight can you manage it?

Nipple Clamps!

A fantastic variety of Nipple Clamps with metal and rubber clasps!
Oh WOW just take a look at my creative submissive's when you see the
variety of clamps I have in my possession! Indeed you will definitely
feel just how effective they are!

Pin Wheels!

Feel the razor sharp spikes as I slowly glide the pin wheel over your
cock and balls, piercing your skin! OUCH!!!

Dildos, Vibrators & Strap-ons!

Indeed I have the most incredible range of very large to the oh so small
anal toys to squeeze into your black hole! Let's see how far you can be stretched?

Butt Plugs & Inflatable's

Various shapes and sizes in Metal and Rubber.


If you are into electrics, then you must try out My superb Zeus 6 Channel
Deluxe Power Box! Complete with large Torpedo Plug, Wand, Anal Plug,
Clamps, Cock Band, Parachute and Pads! It is the most versatile &
shocking piece of equipment to experience!

What a way to really stimulate your cock & balls!

But of course, why stop there, I also have the most striking Vintage box
of Violet Wands, highly charged and highly colourful when connected to your
cock and balls. An impressive view best observed in a candlelit room!

Cast Iron Frame!

For total humiliation, have your wrists, ankles and neck locked firmly in.

Cast Iron Leg Stretcher!

For total humiliation while fully sissified.

Leather Straps & Dog Collars!

Strap you firmly onto the St. Andrew's Cross, Stretcher Bed, or Voyeur Box.

Leather Body Brace!

Fit snug into this heavy duty leather brace, enabling you to be strapped
to any piece of furniture. Oh how I love heavy bondage!

Leather Straight Jacket!

Try out My XXL heavy duty leather straight jacket, as seen on My movies!
My butler is strapped to the Oak tree in this fantastic bondage piece.

Full Leather Arm Restraints!

Securing your arms behind your back in this fantastic bondage piece!

Various Gags!

Rubber and Leather ball and dildo gags, to keep you quiet, or perhaps even choke you!

Cling Film & PVC Tape!

Great for mummification. Try and move - you CAN'T!

Goddess's Hands!

For light to extreme spanking, slapping or asphyxiation.

Goddess's Tongue!

Oh my goodness, indeed my tongue is leathal!
For the ultimate tease or verbal humiliation . . . . ?! Do you have what it takes
to impress me with your physique, or will I be thoroughly disappointed with your
pathetic shrivilled up prune that measures smaller than my little finger!

Leather Thigh Stiletto Boots!

WOW, WOW, WOW, if you have a passion for stiletto boots, then look no
further, as I have the most superb collection of Exquisite Leather - with 6-8"
stiletto heels for trampling, poking, ramming or simply worshipping them
with your tongue! A gorgeous collection of dark brown, tan, white, red,
and traditional black leather stiletto boots! My ultimate passion, I
live in them during the day and have them polished, proudly
on display in my large dressing room!

Smoking Fetish!

Audrey Hepburn style - Visualise glossy red pouting lips taking
in a long cherry wood cigarette holder! Watch as I blow smoke through
My deep red lips into your mouth, take in My toxic breath! your body
becomes My Ashtray, as I flick ash onto your wet tongue.

Silicone, PVC, Latex Gloves!

For the ultimate in arse fisting - light to intense anal play.
I find plunging My strong fingers deep into your black hole incredibly erotic!

Rubber Inflatable Hood!

This is the beast, a phenomenal piece if you love with a passion tight
restrictive head bondage! Oh WOW, for those who simply thrive on intense
asphyxiation, your only airway is through the hose that's placed inside your mouth.
This incredible rubber inflatable hood has NO eye holes, your ears are blocked, your
face presses against the rubber, you have NO movement to wriggle your
head freely! This is NOT for those who suffer with claustrophobia!

Leather & Latex Hoods!

The MIND is the most powerful tool you can have, develop your
imagination while experiencing total blackout - losing sight of your
Goddess will only increase your desires!

Gas Masks!

Watch in anticipation as I play with your breathing with or without
the tube. Breath in My toxic smoky breath or inhale My sweet
juices as I hover the tube close to My swollen throbbing lips!

Genuine Leather Saddle!

Become My toy pony, as I place My leather saddle around your torso.
Feel My thighs wrapped around your body, as I ride you! Naturally if you
don't move at My desired pace, then I may have to give you a gentle
tap with My riding crop!

Platform Stiletto Shoes & Boots!

2 fantastic Patent black 8" platform shoes and crutch boots.


I am constantly adding, toys, furniture and clothing to my Collection.
However, if there is anything that is not listed and you would like
to add, you may respectfully request when calling.


If you would like to explore further, take a look at the links
below and find out how and where you can meet me!


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Office Seductress Stiletto Fever Sessions


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