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Please ensure you read through the entire page!

Due to my ongoing commitments with my Membership website, sessions
are by Appointment Only, with at least one to two weeks period of notice.

I sincerely wish I could provide short notice bookings, but that is not the way I do
things. I like to plan your session in advance to ensure you get the very best experience.

When writing, do make sure you provide as much detail as possible, so I get a very good
understanding of what you would like to experience, however, do keep your writing clean!


If you have sessioned with me in London and you wish to visit my Manor in Kent,
I will require you to arrive under your own steam. Yes this means you drive in your
own vehicle, arriving at the appointed time. If you are experiencing traffic
delays, try to let me know by email or by phone, so that I can alter things to suit.

Please read on if you have received an invitation to my private location!

My extensive grounds provide the perfect location for experiencing outside sessions.
My mature gardens, paddock, stables, courtyard, woodland, patio corner, together with
outbuildings will bring alive scenarios such as The Equestrian Lady and Interrogation.

Within my Manor home I have substantial rooms with high ceilings and sash windows.
Nothing short of intimidating, especially when one approaches my imposing wrought iron
gates with sweeping drive way. It can be rather daunting yet exciting at the same time!

The Office, School Room, Boardroom, and my hidden Dungeon!

Each room is designed for the following role plays.

* The School Mistress

* The Equestrian Lady

* The Office Seductress

* Strict Governess

* Military Interrogation

* Strict and Sadistic Nurse

Every implement, piece of furniture, props and equipment are of the highest quality,
and they are designed to last for many years! However, I am always adding to my
arsenal of tools and furniture! Mmm . . . I'm always on the look out for new things!

Steel, Wood, Cast Iron are the core materials used for these hand crafted pieces,
and they are designed and styled to suit each room. The environment and I combine
sensually to bring you to a state of complete submission, thus ensuring you receive the
most fulfilling experience. Candelabra's, red brick walls, dimmed lighting, provide a
most atmospheric ambiance for suspense, intimidation, excitement and anticipation.

Major pieces of furniture within my Manor are:

* Large Cast Iron ornate Cage.

* Hand crafted Oak St. Andrew's Cross.

* Hand crafted wooden Stocks.

* Cast Iron Chair.

* Leather padded Cast Iron Whipping Bench.

* 2 Meter diameter wheel with leather straps, leather padding.

* 6ft 6 in length, low wooden Bench.

* Large Twin Pedestal School Mistress Mahogany Desk.

* Genuine School Desk with ink well and wooden Chair.

* Electric Dentist Chair with leather padding.

* Oak Cock Trampling Board.

* Leather Strap Bird Cage for Suspension.

* Pony Trap with leather seating.

* Two Large German Shepherd Dogs.
(They are real, as they are part of my security team, along with CCTV)
They also provide extra tension for that special prisoner role pay!


My Inner Sanctum!

Within my Manor, you will find a most atmospheric candlelit lair adorned
with leather and metal shackles, whips, crops and canes! If you wish to see more,
do take a good look around my extensive website, scroll through my preview
gallery pages and get a rich taste of how I conduct my sessions! Sensual and
Erotic combined with Sadism, Masochism, Fetish and Role Play!

If you would like to indulge further, take the plunge and become a member
of My Inner Sanctum! There you will feast your eyes over my highly erotic,
and sensational HD Movies! Once you've experienced what I'm like on film,
you can also sink into my heavenly abyss of audio erotica, and scroll through
thousands of photos in professional tailored galleries. Then make that final
step closer to me by cumming to see ME for REAL!

Preview Members Gallery

YES REAL life sessions with Lady Annabelle, the Quintessential English Lady!

If you receive an invitation to my Manor deep in the Kent countryside, you
will see my extensive grounds with dense woodland, mature rose gardens and
out-buildings! It's perfect for the ultimate seclusion for some alfresco style fun
and humiliation! Imagine how effective my location can be for that breath-
taking session outside in the privacy of my grounds! An experience with me
will be a most memorable one! Easy to find, Hard to Leave!


My Stunning Furniture!

St. Andrew's Cross

Solid timbered, tried and tested St. Andrew's Cross for heavy bondage.
The basic Cross allows me unrestricted access in order to use my wide range
of Whips, Canes, Crops, Paddles and Coshes, giving the victim the most
intense sensations imaginable, including CBT, NT, Ball Busting, Waxing,
Kicking, Hooding, Gagging, Anal Plugs and Dildos!

Achieve the maximum benefits of bondage and restraints, with my genuine
leather body bag, attached to the St. Andrew's Cross. This will give you the
ultimate experience imaginable, feeling vulnerable and out of control!

The Revolving Wheel

The Revolving Wheel is a really specialised piece of equipment and has
become an icon. The two metre diameter great Wheel has the comfort and
security of a padded chest harness and padded chaps. Completely covered with
leather, mounted on a powder coated steel box section, with a steel frame for
total security and strength. This magnificent piece is complete with satin
chrome handgrips, height adjustable footplate's with padded leather ankle straps,
three arm straps (bicep, elbow & wrist), three leg straps (thigh, knee & calf) and a
padded leather chest harness. Capable of rotation through 360°, the Wheel can be
locked in any one of eight positions within the cycle, by a spring loaded foot
operated brake. The Wheel is an unbelievable, sensational mind trip! So good
you won't want to be released!

The Whipping Bench

This unusual but very efficient design provides access to both the nipples and
genital area. It is especially designed with a U shaped recess for the face. A kidney
shaped leather pad which buckles either side of the bench, secures the head firmly
in position. This is built particularly for those seeking a serious flogging session.
Having the victim secured face down will will definitely add to the extreme
intensity and excitement!

One of the most popular uses for the Whipping Bench is for total anal access for
your Mistress. As you can imagine, bent over with your ass exposed, is an ideal
position for easy strap-on play, fisting, dildo and encouraged bi. There is
nothing more perverted and debauched than being bent over on all fours,
experiencing a thoroughly good spit roasting!

Medieval Stocks

Hand crafted Medieval Stocks, experience the ultimate in outside humiliation.
Designed with hooks and chains for light to extreme cock and ball torment and
nipple torment. A fantastic versatile piece of quality furniture
situated deep in My woodland.

Stocks were used in Medieval times as a form of physical punishment
involving public humiliation. The stocks partially immobilized its victims
and they were often exposed in a public area such as the market square. The
purpose of stocks was to punish offenders, anybody could assault, revile
or aim filth at the victim. It was not uncommon for people to be kept in stocks
over several days to die from heat exhaustion, hypothermia or starvation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There are many superb areas within my grounds and Manor home to fully
appreciate the Arts of BDSM and Fetish. And, your journey starts from the
moment you write to me, to your impending arrival at my imposing wrought
iron gates, when you step into my Manor. Experience a journey of decadent
erotica in the privacy and comfort of a most enchanting candlelit dungeon,
with subdued lighting and quality furniture.

It all lends to an atmospheric session.

I Am very REAL! Email me for the ultimate experience!


Meet Dominatrix Annabelle


My Availability

By Appointment Only. I'm not available during the weekends.

The time I have available for private sessions is limited due to my
ongoing commitment with my websites. Therefore, when you select
a date for a session, I will require at least two weeks notice.

I will not be able to provide same day or short notice bookings, or
squeeze you in should I receive a cancellation. I do not like to rush my
sessions, or feel unprepared. There is nothing like the build up of one's
impending arrival, and I do not regard my sessions as a quick fix, so please
bear this in mind when you're looking at your diary. It is important for you
and I, to ensure we are both prepared, not just for me with my equipment
and setting, but for you and I to be mentally ready. I want you to receive the
most fulfilling experience possible, while you're under my devilish charm,
sadistic nature, lovable persona, wickedly debauched mind.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Please ensure you write to me at:


When writing, it would be very helpful if you could provide details of the
type of session you would like to experience. If in doubt about what I
provide, please ensure you take a look at My Expertise and read the
entire page. If something you find tickles your taste buds from my
movies page, do let me know, and I will advise accordingly.

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It's worth reading all the pages so you really
get a good feel of what I provide!


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