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My expertise is with many years under my Leathery Belt!

The severity of your session is fully dependent on your experiences, and will be
agreed prior to your visit with me. However, you must be fully aware that I will
push your boundaries and limits. Stretching your body and mind. Maximising
your abilities to go beyond anything you've ever dream of. Right to the edge.

I specialise in the fetish realms of BDSM, covering many disciplines. I love being
sensual, and erotic, while teasing the mind, thus teasing the muscle between one's
thighs. The pleasure is often in the journey, from the moment you make contact
with me, to your impending arrival. I take pleasure watching you worship my
legs, breasts, stilettos, and anything else I may desire. I will always play
safe within the comfort and privacy of my locations, both in
London, and in the heart of the Kent countryside.

All sessions are conducted with each other's consent.

My expertise covers a wide range, so please ensure you:


If after you've read the entire page right to the bottom, but you've not
found what you've been looking for, then please do write to me with your
Fetish desires and I will let you know if I will be happy to accommodate.


No matter how experienced or otherwise you are with Anal Play, you will
always come away thoroughly fulfilled. The anus is extremely sensitive with nerve
endings that stimulate and heighten the intensity of your pleasures. Pain should not
be experienced, unless directly requested, but that is only after a good warm up!

My whipping bench is the ultimate piece of furniture for the most gentle Anal Play,
or for the very serious. A fantastic submission position. Be my ultimate butt slut
and dirty whore. One that simply loves and craves to have one's arse completely
filled and stretched. If you dare to have the real sadistic side of me, then go for
the big challenge! My 9.5 inch girth black dildo. Plunge for the deep end and
experience my two fists, squeezing so tight as I push them deep inside you
the ultimate in Arse Busting. Perhaps you would like your Arse filled with
a crop of fresh-cut stinging nettles, Deep Heat or Deep Freeze?

Be assured every consideration is taken with hygiene. All toys are
sterilised and covered with condoms, and your arse is always heavily
lubricated to ensure a safe journey into one's passage! Sounds funny, but
I will not do it any other way! If you're curious and want to try, then try
you shall. For those who are tempted, but unsure of the psychological
consequences, rest assured, enhancing one's experience with the use
of one's back passage, does not necessarily mean one is bi-sexual!
If you are, great, and why the devil not?!

Whether you are new to Anal Play, or if you are a heavy player,
each session is taken as though it's your first, to ensure you do
not leave with a bad experience. I will always play safely!


Yes, this IS exactly what it says. Have your balls completely crushed by my knee!
Experience the ultimate in anticipation, as I grip and lock my hands around
your neck, while you're tied to the St. Andrew's Cross. Wait for that expected
short, sharp blow to the groin! The pain IS intense for that split second, then
subsides to a throbbing ache, felt deep within your pulsating balls.

Watch my beautiful seductive and hypnotic eyes, looking deep into yours!
I will smell your fear while you wait in anticipation for that harsh blow. Beautiful,
stunningly gorgeous, an all-powerful Goddess, one that WILL melt your soul,
making you quiver with passion, excitement, and the unknown!

Await my powerful punch delivered brutally and savagely, crushing your
swollen balls. If you are a serious contender for ball busting, then you've found
the Ultimate Dominatrix to deliver what you want. Never under estimate my
strength and sheer physical power. My sadistic side WILL take you by surprise!

Now if you're curious about ball busting, but you're not actually wishing to
experience the pain, then try edging. Feel as though you're about to have
your balls kicked, watch how I psyche you up for a harsh blow to your
phallus. Feel the intensity between us, as you anticipate. It's highly
teasing, and it will certainly keep you on your toes!


A most desirable and gratifying tease, as I place your head at the soles of my feet.
Worship my gorgeous crimson polished toes with your wet tongue. Cherish and
savour each second when licking my six inch stiletto heels. Feel my silky nylon
seamed stockings gripped by my lacy suspender belt. I have no doubt you can
already smell my deliciously sweet nectar as I brush my thighs against
your face! A heavenly image that makes your heart melt!

Worship my stiletto heels while locked inside my cast iron cage! Imagine
being outside on a leash, follow your Mistress like a puppet on a string! I will have
you licking the filthy mud off my exquisite leather thigh stiletto boots while you
are collared in my dense woodland. Taste my shiny latex catsuit with your
wet tongue, feel it glide over my body! Worship my crimson polished finger nails!
Smell my silky skin laced with the most intoxicating Italian fragrance! Oh and
what about my gorgeous breasts! Oh to bury your face between them!

Worship the ground I walk on, take in my toxic breath!


Demonstrate your total commitment as a subservient and slave to your
Mistress by wearing a CB3000, CB6000 or similar. This action will give ultimate
ownership to your Goddess. The Goddess, by proxy, will own and hold your key,
thereby, OWNING you! The length of time that I will be the key holder will depend
on your training. As a freshman, you can start from as little as an hour and continue
for a few weeks or more! How long can you manage with your cock securely caged?

Of course, this will depend on your personal circumstances. Wearing a chastity
device that cannot be opened, other than by the key holder, prevents any
temptation of milking yourself. Be assured, this does not prevent you from
going to the gents, bathing or working. There will be no excuse!


CBT, Cock & Ball Torment, by it's definition is a painful and harsh treatment!
For those who find pleasure from pain in the groin region, you will certainly enjoy
Cock & Ball Torment. And, there are many ways to enhance your pleasures!

Have your balls tied and split with a thin leather thong while you're shackled
to the St. Andrew's Cross. Feel the rush of blood gushing through the veins of your
throbbing, pulsating cock. Experience a metal spiked wheel running over the head
of your very erect penis, leaving a delightful pattern of tiny little pin pricks!

My superb leather parachute will grip neatly around your swollen, aching balls.
As I fasten it up nice and tight, the metal pins will sink into your soft skin! Oh how
I will smile, while I attach heavy lead weights to the leather strap, giving the ultimate
experience in ball stretching! As with any discipline, I do love to take my time,
ensuring you adjust to each level of increased torment. If your balls look plump and
juicy, I will have the pleasure of sinking my white teeth into them taking a
delicious bite! But why stop at your juicy balls! Oh the very thought! If your cock
impresses me I will take tiny little bites to big, heavy, meaty bites!

There are certainly many ways to inflict pain on your aching cock and balls!
A slap from my firm hand over your erect penis. A cock whip. A wooden school
ruler or pencil. A small cane. My 6 inch stiletto heels. A grip and pinch from my
crimson toes. Hot candle wax. Deep Heat. Cattle Prods. Violet Wands, and
anything else that I may choose that will indeed have the desired affect!


Waiting with baited breath, leather hood encases your head, mouth gagged,
body tightly enclosed in leather. The walls are closing in, there is no escape!

The signals in your brain create a 'fight or flight' response, which influences
respiratory rate, physical arousal, the release of adrenaline, blood pressure, heart
rate, behavioural fear response, and defensive responses, which may include
freezing up! Therefore, if you suffer with claustrophobia, you MUST be honest
with your fears and let me know! Failure to do so, will result in you leaving with
a disappointing experience. If however, you love being in closed spaces, confined,
while at the sadistic hands of an English Goddess, then this will appeal to you!

My thick extra large leather body bag is superb for heavy bondage while tucked
away in my candlelit lair! The restrictive leather has a three way zip for my easy
access to your erect penis! Or, perhaps being bound and gagged outside in one
of My horse stables, enclosed in a dog cage, would be the place for you.

There are many ways in which you can experience isolation, whilst securely
locked away. Being placed under My stretcher bench in My cast iron cage, on all
fours like a dog, can be both claustrophobic and restrictive. It will leave you
with very little room for movement! Oh how the mind works! The only freedom
you have is your throbbing cock under my wicked influence! And if that's not
enough, I am very good at stretching my sultry, sexy body over the top of
you while you are fastened tight in the leather body bag!


My quality leather Whipping Bench is superb for Corporal Punishment, locking
you firmly and securely into position. How? Quite simply you are bent over the
bench. Head pushed down, buckled and strapped. Hands shackled. Body braced,
and legs split apart, strapped and buckled. There is little room for any kind of
movement. This places your arse in the best position to receive Corporal
Punishment, from mild to severe, depending on your own personal preference.

If you wish to be pushed beyond your capabilities, then that IS what I will do.
If however, you are quite a novice, then THAT is taken into consideration.
Whatever your experiences, each session is taken slowly, building up pace and
strength that mirrors your reactions. A warm up from My firm hand commences
the proceedings, followed by a choice of implements. They include: Dragon Senior
Cane, Dressage Whips, various Crops, heavy duty Rubber Paddles, Leather Paddle,
Leather Paddle with Studs, Cat'O'Nine Tails, Leather Cane, Large Wooden School
Ruler, Wooden Spoons. Plastic Spatula and anything else I feel will do the trick!

Please be assured, NO implements will be used unless it's at your most humble
request. Even if you have thirty years of heavy caning behind you, my sessions
will always be conducted according to your experience, and WILL always
commence first and foremost with a warm up of my firm hand!

DO NOT under estimate My strength!


My wardrobe is full of very desirable, beautiful silk and satin dresses, skirts and
blouses. A stunning collection of lacy, satin and silk lingerie, stockings and
suspenders, all for those who just simply love to dress up. Give me a twirl, and
show me how you would love to experience being a slutty girl!

Of course, every time you have the honour of dressing in my presence, you will
also get to wear make-up, nails, wigs and shoes. Take a walk around my manor,
sit down and have a cup of tea and shortcake. These of course are all treats that
you will receive, if you manage to conduct yourself according to my
expectations. However, should you drop below what I deem less than
perfection, then correction will commence.

Verbal and physical humiliation will get you back in line, tease and torment
will have you begging for forgiveness. Kneeling before me, will demonstrate your
submissive persona, wanting to serve me in any way you can. Being under my
control, guidance and supervision will help you to fulfill your fantasies.

Mistakes do happen, but they're never repeated, you WILL learn, it is your duty
to serve me to the best of your ability. If you would like to find out how you
may have the opportunity to serve me as a sissy maid, take a look at my
Vintage Cross Dressing website by clicking the link below!

Vintage Cross Dressing


This is almost the beginning of entering the world of BDSM. I will say in my
experience most adults find 'role play' fun, and fulfilling, as one slips into
character with ease! A particular fantasy may have developed from a
childhood memory, and I do have one example I often refer to with a smile!

A dear friend remembers a specific experience as a small boy, he was
about 6 years old, holding his father's hand while entering a grocery store.
It was a cold winter's day, he felt chilly as he clung to his father's side, almost
trotting along just to keep up with him. Even now when we meet for a coffee,
he often reminds me of his first ever vivid memory, and although some parts
are a little hazy, there is one moment he can picture like it was yesterday!

I do laugh, as he recalls this moment with such fondness, and he get's all
gooey inside. And, no matter how many times he reminds me, I do love his
enthusiasm, while he enjoys his recollections. On this occasion he remembers
a beautiful young, and what he can only described as a sophisticated woman.
Haha, I'm pretty sure that's not a word he would have described at 6 years old,
but it certainly gave him a lasting impression, and that's the word he uses now!

She was dressed in a tailored suit, or at least it was super figure hugging, with
cream satin blouse, and black leather gloves. She had the most stunningly
slender legs, laced with sheer nylon seamed stockings. She spoke with
Received Pronunciation, her English voice was captivating, along with
her sensual and seductive scent. As she stood at the counter paying for
her groceries, she looked over her shoulder and winked at the boy!

My charming old friend is now 62, and this memory is still very fresh
in his mind, especially the warm inviting wink. Her Scarlet pouting
lips and glossy ebony hair add to his overall vision of a stunning Lady.
If I'm able to help keep his memory fresh after 56 years, well that's
most fulfilling for me, and when I do slip into character for him in a
similar suit, along with deep glossy red lips, exquisite leather gloves,
and ff nylon seamed stockings, it's a role play I love to re-enact
while taking him back down memory lane! Of course, I do
love to mix it up a little with the pleasures of BDSM!

What is your most memorable experience?

Have you had a similar encounter that's stayed fresh in your mind?

Is there a particular role play you would love to experience?

There are many things that may contribute to a powerful image, it could
be the smell of a particular perfume, the crisp sound of stilettos heels
on marble or concrete, the smell of leather gloves, or perhaps it's a
particular setting such as stables, with the rustic smell of hay bales,
leather saddles, riding boots, and those sexy figure hugging jodhpurs!

The mind is the most powerful tool one could ever possess. A fantasy might
start with this image, buried deep in your subconscious mind for many years.
A sophisticated Mistress, oozing charisma, has become a blueprint programmed
deep in your mind. As your mind develops, so too does this powerful image.

Sexuality? How does sex play a part in this image? There are a multitude
of facets, any one could be the trigger to your sexuality. In this instance, it could
be as simple as her beauty, scent, stilettos, or her deep seductive English voice.

Why? And what attracts us? We are all individuals. Only you will know
what that trigger is. Any session that you wish to have with me is not performed
as a charade, your fantasy becomes reality. Every little detail is thought through
carefully in order to re-enact your memory, tailored to your individual taste.

When looking to book a session, it's something to really look forward to, which
is one reason why I won't ever squeeze anyone in. I do love to take my time to
prepare for you, to ensure you are experiencing what you truly desire.


There is simply an enormous array of fetish-wear to experience. Everything
from satin and silk blouses, heavenly fur, exquisite leather, pvc, latex, rubber,
stylish leather gloves in varying colours, designer stiletto shoes and 6 inch stiletto
boots, ff nylon seamed stockings, nylon tights, basques, satin corsets, and gorgeous
lacy lingerie. For the Equestrian enthusiast, I have cream colour jodhpurs, vintage
spurs, tweed jackets, leather riding boots, white cotton blouses and leather gloves.

The list quite simply, and encouragingly goes on!

The definition of Fetish is what you absolutely crave, adore and love. It's
a very real and intense passion, a drive that ultimately gratifies you sexually.

I have a very real fetish for leather, thigh high boots, and stiletto heels, so much
so, that my collection will never be complete! I can never have too much leather!
The feel, smell and sight is both pleasing and rewarding in so many ways.

One's fetish could stem from childhood, restricted from having these
wonderful things, due to the lack of funds, or your parents frowned upon these
luxury items. As you become independent you realise your freedom of choice,
and if you can afford to, you will have. Whatever your fantasy is, make sure you
give a detailed account of what it is that makes that fantasy special to you.

Whether it's the old fashion nylon seamed stockings as the Office Bitch with
spectacles, or a striking and all-powerful Dominatrix in exquisite leather, or the
seductive, pouting red lipstick Secretary. It is important for you to express in
detail your humble wishes so that you may experience a fulfilling session!


For those who absolutely love having their senses taken from them. Sensory
deprivation is all about temporarily removing or depriving you of your senses!
Total sensory deprivation is removal of all five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste
and smell. It is indeed a very popular fetish within the Arts of BDSM play.
Ahhh, I hear you asking, why is sensory deprivation play so exciting?

Strange as it may sound, this type of play is very sensual. It involves blindfolding,
gagging, ear plugging and many other things to restrict the senses. In fact,
sensory deprivation gives you an incredible amount of sensual acuteness, and
awareness, i.e., your wits, and consciousness. Why and how often are you in touch
with your feelings and senses? you may have tried various sexual practices, but
none of them can give you so many enhancements as in a situation where you
are deprived of these everyday sensations, that are usually taken for granted.

Imagine how you would feel, if you were denied food. The hunger increases,
and after it's satisfied, your appetite becomes greater. The same happens with
sensory deprivation, you have all your feelings greatly intensified.

Blindfolding and handcuffs are classic BDSM tools, but are also common use
for vanilla partners! To spice up one's sex life. It's pretty easy, and it's not painful.
What it does is give you a gentle taste for your first steps into the BDSM world.

I use various types of leather and latex hoods, gas masks, gags, and body suits, all
designed for this purpose. Just take a few minutes to think about it. Think about
how your five senses are linked to your mind. Imagine being completely in the dark,
have you ever experienced total black out, and then total silence? Mmm . . . your
mind can play tricks, and that comes with having an active imagination!

The hairs on the back of your neck are electric, your nerves get the better of
you as you tense up. Finally you've convinced yourself of something that logically
does not exist. The power of the mind, and the power of your senses are so incredible.

The more you are prevented from having something, the more you crave it.

It is infinitely more desirable to have something that's not yours to have.


Breath Control, Caging, Dog Training, Domination, Face Slapping, Blindfolds &
Gags, Hog Tie, Human Furniture, Degradation, Humiliation, Leather & Latex Hoods,
Leather Body Bag, Nipple Torment, Pony Training, Psychological Torment, Military
Interrogation, Restraints and Bondage, Tie and Tease, Electrics, Judicial Caning,
Rope Bondage, Spitting, Outside Humiliation, Equestrian Play, Trampling.

I AM HERE ready to take you on a truly wonderful and fulfilling journey, a
journey of debauchery, depravity and wickedness! I specialise in role play, whilst
stimulating your imagination, creating a truly mind blowing fantasy. Write to
me with your fantasy at: themistress@dominatrixannabelle.com

If you would like to see more on role play, just click the link below:


The Seductress, School Mistress, Strict Nurse, Office Bitch, Military Interrogator,
Equestrian Lady, Lady of the Manor, Steamy Temptress, Leather-Gloved Goddess,
Dominatrix, Therapist, Wicked Aunt, Fetish Lover, Governess, Soldier.


I Specialise in the Unexpected.


If you would like to explore further, take a look at the links
below and find out how and where you can meet me!

Meet Dominatrix Annabelle


It's worth reading all the pages so you really
get a good feel of what I provide!


Office BITCH

The Gentleman Stiletto Fever Role Play

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access to my 5 FREE Bonus sites click the link below and take the Tour!


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