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For Members who are experiencing difficulty with accessing the site!

Please try the following steps to ensure you are attempting to access the site
correctly, before writing to me. All responses will be provided within 24-48 hrs.

Firstly, do not try accessing the site using VPN (Virtual Private Network)
If you are trying to access the site using VPN, my high protocol security software
will simply block you, as it's there to prevent multiple IP addresses from accessing
the site. This is to safeguard the content, as well as safeguarding my genuine and
loyal members username and password. If your details have been hacked, you need
to contact me, and submit your long subscription number provided by CCBill.

Please ensure you are NOT using Private Browsing, the same applies as above.

If you are one for using a mobile phone to gain access to the site, please be extra
careful when inputting your username and password onto a small screen!

Believe it or not, it's very easy to input the details incorrectly, especially if
using a touch screen. Please note it's case sensitive. If you should input your
username and password and image incorrectly more than three times, you will
be locked out for 12 hours. Once the 12 hours have lapsed, you may try again.

Once you've gained access to the site, but you're experiencing problems with
downloading the movies, please write to me, I will do my best to navigate you
through the process. If there are any links that look as though they could be
broken, please let me know and I will get them fixed. It's highly unlikely
there will be any links broken as I have gone through the site with a fine
tooth comb, and I've had several members check the site completely!


Sometimes links may not work because the page you're on could be
stored on your computer from way back, in other words, the page you're
on could be very, very old indeed, and the page has since been updated with
a new design, or I've changed the link for a particular reason. This will apply
if you're an old member returning after being away for quite some time!

If this sounds like you, please press Control F5. This will re-cache your
page! Getting rid of the old for the new! If you've not had the page stored on
your computer, then try it anyway! It won't hurt to perform this simple step!

There are a couple of other things that are worth doing with your computer!

Computers are incredible, and I will always be amazed with their ability
to give us instant gratification, in the comfort of our own homes!
Pretty special in my book!!!

Naturally, the first thing I do when my computer decides to throw a hissy fit is:
shut the thing down, swear politely, and wait for a few minutes! I usually walk
away from it, have a cup of coffee and return so that I may reboot!
That often works!!!

My next advice, please ensure your browser is up-to-date, they are always
updating, and so it's vital you do the same. Some browsers are simply more
compatible than others. I find Firefox and Chrome are very good!


Now for the comfort of your privacy, I have purchased an SSL Certificate,
this I feel is vital in order to assure my genuine and loyal members that they
are coming to a trusted site. If you punch in https (note the s) before my
website domain name, you will note a green padlock just before the https,
this will show that you are visiting a secured site and the address is
encrypted. If I did not have an SSL certificate, and you put into the url
https://dominatrixannabelle.com then you would receive a blank page
with a pixel face saying site does not exist. The (s) is for secure!

If you are visiting rip sites, I am confident your details are NOT safe.
If you have found my content on any other site other than this one, then
you can be assured it's there illegally. Do not visit these sites as they are
unscrupulous, not to mention the fact that you will not be supporting me.

Cyber crime is on the up, and it won't get any better, so I will continue
to do my very best to ensure the safety of your details, which is why I
invest in extra security via the log-in, and it's why I use CCBill.

JAVA - you may need it!

If you would like to find out more about java and how it works,
do take a look at the following link, read and decide if you need to install:

Why do we need Java?

My added Advice!

Just so you are aware, I am the web designer and maintenance guy!!! Haha!!!
Yes it is true, not only am I the face in front of the camera, but I'm also the
IT geek! If you have carried out the above to the best of your ability, but
you're still having trouble, please write to me. I will take a look as soon as
humanly possible, and respond within 24-48 hours, sometimes a lot sooner!

If you are sending your email from abroad, in other words you are not in the UK,
please allow for time differences. There is a very good chance I will be asleep
if you are contacting me from America, Hong Kong, Australia, or other
countries with similar time zones! Or it could simply be an international
holiday such as Christmas Day and Boxing Day! Yes, even I have breaks!

Please bear this in mind, when waiting for a response!

Please remember why you are subscribing to this site. This is a FemDom
website, this means you are a submissive seeking FemDom guidance, via my
movies. Please also note this site is predominantly a web streaming site, and I
hope you will follow my Code of Conduct and treat your membership with
respect. In other words, don't just enter and use it as a quick 'jerk' fix site.
I would like you to listen to my audio crafted for each of my latest movies. My
audio is there to enhance your experience while extending your time with me.

Take your time and go through the movies section, my modelling archive,
and the Members Exclusive with my After Dark Audio. This site is to be
treated as Special, something to look forward to, as a regular Ritual.


This next bit of advice is for future reference!

If you would like to cancel your subscription, you will need to contact:


Please ensure you fill out the form provided on their site. CCBill hold all your
sensitive details, your subscription number, as well as your commencement and
expiry dates, and most importantly, your credit card details. It is their security
encryption software that safeguards your personal details.

I am not here to cancel your subscription, as quite apart from anything else,
I would not want to see you go!!! But of course, it is your choice!


My final thought!

I do hope you become a member, if you do, I would like to thank you.
It is your membership and loyalty that helps me to continue producing superb
quality content. Please help to safeguard our content, by not allowing our movies
to be shared with any third parties, or by uploading them to 'you tube' or rip sites!

THANK YOU for your consideration, LOYALTY, and SUPPORT!

As a true submissive you will be very happy to save your pennies and join,
after all, that is what you're here for, to Serve, Honour and Obey Lady Annabelle.

Now I know you are ready to JOIN NOW



Please ensure you read the following so there are NO misunderstandings.

It is of paramount importance that my Privacy, and yours, are respected.
Therefore, no details will be divulged, sold, hired, lent or gifted to any third
party, at any time, without prior consent by me. your privacy while in my
presence in London or at my secluded English Manor is fully assured,
and my discretion guaranteed at all times!


BOOKING DEPOSIT for Private Sessions!

It is vital that you confirm the day before you are due for your session.
All bookings are secured with a deposit. Should you cancel, the deposit is
non refundable. The deposit is there to secure your session with me.

Please note that any tribute made is for my time, expertise and professionalism.



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